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Michael T. Weiss (Jarod)

A native of Chicago, Weiss began acting as a child, appearing in local TV commercials. While in high school, he studied acting at the Second City workshop, and after graduation, he enrolled in USC's prestigious school of drama. Shortly after receiving his B.F.A. there in 1984, Weiss landed the role of Dr. Mike Horton on NBC's venerable daytime drama "Days of Our Lives."

Weiss particularly enjoys working on stage. He is proud of his accomplishments as a playwright, and recently completed the play "Streams of Consciousness." He eventually hopes to direct the project at the Met Theatre, a Los Angeles-based ensemble company that he is a member of. An outspoken environmentalist, Weiss sits on the board of directors for the Earth Communications Office. He also serves as the organization's director of public service announcements, and he has helped to coordinate a series of public service announcements featuring actors who promote environmental awareness. Weiss' birthday is February 2, 1962. (From NBC's Official Pretender Page.)

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Andrea Parker (Miss Parker)

A native Southern Californian, Parker is the oldest of four children. She began to study ballet at age six, dedicated herself to improving daily, and trained with youth ballet programs during summers in New York, San Francisco and Cleveland. Her hard work paid off when she joined the San Francisco Ballet at 15, with which she performed at the Metropolitan Opera House and toured during her three-year tenure.

Parker returned to Southern California and began a career as a contemporary dancer, appearing in videos, commercials and fashion shows. She also tended bar part-time for five years to pay bills while putting herself through acting classes. Her appearance in the Los Angeles play "Fine Line" got her a manager, who quickly arranged auditions. Despite having no credits or tape to present to casting directors, Parker landed her first speaking part in a small, but memorable, appearance as a hospital nurse in "The Contest," a classic, Emmy-winning episode of "Seinfeld."

Away from the set, Parker enjoys honing her skills as a precision stunt driver as well as testing her marksmanship at the gun range. She also likes to ride horses, read and spend time with her family and friends, and is active in My Good Friend Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity organization. Parker's birthday is March 8, 1969. (From NBC's Official Pretender Page.)

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Patrick Bauchau (Sydney)

One of four brothers, the cosmopolitan Bauchau was born in Brussels and raised in Belgium, England and Switzerland. His father was a writer -- although he was serving as an officer in the Belgian underground when Patrick was born near the end of World War II -- and his mother was a Russian who operated a publishing company and a finishing school in Switzerland. He studied at Oxford University, where he received a degree in modern languages (he speaks 5 languages).

Bauchau decided early that rather than follow his father as a writer, he would embrace film acting as his form of artistic expression. He began his career at the end of the French New Wave cinematic era, and he was greatly influenced by writer-director Eric Rohmer, whom he considers his mentor. He appeared in Rohmer's "La Collectioneuse," his first movie, in the late 1960s, and he refined his acting technique in such European films as "Lisbon Story" and "State of Things" (both directed by Wim Wenders), "Entre Nous," and the James Bond epic "A View to a Kill," among others.

On his own time, Bauchau enjoys gardening, collecting Oriental art, carpentry and practicing yoga. He has one adult daughter, Camille. He and his wife, Mijanou (a screenwriter), live in Los Angeles. Bauchau's birthday is December 6, 1938. (From NBC's Official Pretender Page.)

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Jon Gries (Broots)

Currently a series regular on The Pretender, Jon was a regular on the hit Fox series, Martin. Television films include Rainbow Drive, for Showtime, HBOs Fever and the CBS movie, Race Against Time: The Search for Sarah. In Film, Jon opens Men in Black, directed by Barry Sonenfeld, who also cast him in Get Shorty. Other credits include The Grifters, Real Genius, and the indie festival favorite Ed and His Dead Mother. His theater credits are extensive, and include work at South Coast Repertory Theater and The Mark Taper Forum. An avid musician and composer, Jon often plays the LA blues bar, The Mint, with his band, Carnival Dogs. (From Filmaker's Alliance.)

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Jamie Denton (Mr. Lyle)

Jamie Denton was the second of three children born to a dentist and his wife, January 20, 1963. He attended Goodlettsville High School, then went on to the University of Tennessee. Later, he was a Minister of Music in a Baptist church. While pursuing a promising career in advertising for a television station, Denton began doing some community theater. In his first role, he played George Gibbs in a production of _Our Town,_ then went on to perform in many other productions, including _Oklahoma_ and _Deathtrap._ Good reviews and a friend convinced Denton that he should quit his job and "go for it" on a full time basis. Armed with the support of his friends and family, the 6'1" 175 pound Southerner gave up his career in advertising and headed for Chicago. He stayed in the windy city for five years, during which time he added sixteen more plays to his growing list of credits. After adding several movie roles and TV guest shots to his credits, and marrying an actress, he landed the part of Mr. Lyle. In his spare time, Denton likes to watch basketball, work in his black and white photo darkroom, watch more basketball, surf the Internet, watch more basketball and putter around the house.

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Paul Dillon (Angelo)

Paul Dillon began his professional career on the Chicago stage, where he appeared in productions of "Killer Joe," "Hellcab," "The Conquest of the South Pole," which won the Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Ensemble, "Hauptmann," "Custer," "Jane Eyre," "Serious Money," "The Three Musketeers" and "Peer Gynt." He is also a founding member and artistic director of Chicago's Bang Bang Spontaneous Theatre.

He recently producing the Los Angeles presentation of "Hellcab," one of Chicago's longest-running plays. In addition to serving as producer, Dillon also reprised the role he originated on the Chicago stage for the Los Angeles run.


Pamela Gidley (Brigitte)

Pamela Gidley was born in New Hampshire in 1966 and attended school in Salem until starting a modeling career and moving to New York City. She studied acting with Stella Adler and at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. Gidley has served as producer-cocreator and star of the improvisational feature "Kiss and Tell." She has previously starred in a recurring role on "Tour of Duty" and had lead roles on such series as "Strange Luck" and "Angel Street." (From the
Movies.Com 'Mafia!' page.)

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Richard Marcus (Mr. Raines)

No bio is available on Richard Marcus. If anyone finds one, let me know.

Richard Marcus's filmography includes:

Mr. Raines' Hybrid Biotract

Ryan Merriman (young Jarod, clone Jarod)

Oklahoma native Ryan Merriman has been acting and modeling since he was 6 years old and has amassed an impressive list of credits. He was a regular, as Blake Kellogg, in 'The Mommies' and guest starred on 'The Client', as well as playing one of the lead roles in Deep End of the Ocean. Ryan was nominated for a Young Artist Award in the category "Best Performance in a Drama Series (Young Actor)" for his role in "The Pretender". He has also been nominated twice for Hollywood Reporter Young Star awards for his performances on both the small and the large screen. Ryan's birthday is April 10, 1983.

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Ashley Peldon (young Miss Parker)

At the unprecedented age of six, Ashley Peldon was the youngest child ever to be nominated for an Emmy Award, and she has threeYouth in Film Awards already in her possession (she won her first Youth in Film Award for her portrayal of a physically and sexually abused youth in Child of Rage). Her latest feature film, The Crucible, was released on Thanksgiving, 1996.

In 1988, Ashley was cast as Marah Lewis on the CBS daytime drama Guiding Light. Due to overwhelming audience response, Ashley was put under contract to the soap at the age of four -- making her the youngest performer ever to be put under contract in daytime television. After enjoying a two and a half year stint on the popular soap, Ashley headed out west and was signed by NBC for an exclusive series deal.

When not working, Ashley enjoys swimming, roller-blading, singing, dancing, reading and collecting old postcards.

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Harve Presnell (Mr. Parker)

Born September 14, 1933 in Modesto, California, Harve Presnell is a veteran film and stage actor who co-starred in the Broadway and film versions of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," and appeared in the Oscar-winning Fargoand more recently, he has been active in features, including "The Whole Wide World," "The Chamber" and "Face/Off." (From
NBC's Official Page.)

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