Centre Orientation Guide

Part 1: Jarod

1.1 What is a Pretender? Is Jarod the only one?
1.2 Why the Centre chasing Jarod?
1.3 How did the Centre get Jarod? When and how did Jarod escape?
1.4 What are DSA's? Where did Jarod get them? What kind of briefcase is that?
1.5 Why does Jarod use so many other names? What other names has he used? What do they mean?
1.6 What identities has Jarod assumed?
1.7 What is with Jarod's weekly obsessions?
1.8 What happened to Jarod's parents? Were they his real parents?
1.9 Who is Kyle?
1.10 How old is Jarod?
1.11 Why does Jarod keep calling and/or contacting Sydney?
1.12 Where does Jarod get his money?
1.13 What's the lullaby Jarod sings in several of the episodes?
1.14 Who is Emily?
1.15 What's Jarod's connection to the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force (of Profiler)?
1.16 Who is Zoey?

Part 2: Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots

2.1 What is Miss Parker's job in The Centre?
2.2 What happened to Miss Parker's mother?
2.3 Who is really Miss Parker's father? Who is her twin brother?
2.4 Who is Sydney?
2.5 Who is Jacob? What is his connection to Sydney and the Centre?
2.6 Who are Michelle and Nicholas Stamatis?
2.7 Who is Broots?
2.8 Who is Thomas Gates?
2.9 Who is Faith?
2.10 Who is Ethan?
2.11 What is the 'inner sense'?

Part 3: The Centre

3.1 What is The Centre? Who runs The Centre? Where is it located?
3.2 What are everyone's names?
3.3 Who is Mr. Raines? Who shot him?
3.4 Who and what is Angelo? Is he a Pretender? Who plays him? What does he have to do with Jake Lloyd of Star Wars
3.5 What is SL-27?
3.6 Where is the bible quote from 'The Dragon House' located? Is it a real quote?
3.7 Who is Mr. Lyle?
3.8 Who is Brigitte?
3.9 Who is Mr. Fenigore?
3.10 What are the 'red files'?
3.11 What is Nugenesis?
3.12 What's the difference between a Sweeper and a Cleaner?
3.13 What is the 'circle of fire'?
3.14 What is Donaterase? Project Gemini?
3.15 Who is Mr. White?
3.16 Who is Mr. Cox? Who is he really working for?

Part 4: Behind the Scenes

4.1 How many different versions of the opening credits are there?
4.2 What other actors have made regular or pivotal appearances on 'The Pretender'? In what roles?
4.3 What is the building used as the exterior of The Centre? Where is it?
4.4 Is Blue Cove, Delaware a real place?
4.5 Who created The Pretender? How is it connected to Quantum Leap?
4.6 Are Pretenders real?
4.7 The Pretender was cancelled? Where can I write letters of support for The Pretender to NBC? What else can I do?
4.8 Where can I write to the show and the actors?
4.9 Are there fan clubs for the actors or the show?
4.10 Where can I get scripts for the show?
4.11 Is there any merchandise available for the show?
4.12 Do the characters have any nicknames or "net names?"
4.13 Is there really going to be a movie? When is it airing? On what channel?

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