August 21, 2002 -- Site location has changed to Neon Hummingbird server. Links updated throughout the site.

May 11, 2000 -- Yes, the show has cancelled; check out Operation Save the Pretender for more information, and what you can do to help. On a happier note, I added a TC Guide interview with MTW to the Annex.

May 10, 2000 -- Everyone say "Thank you!" to Sara Arnold for going through and cleaning up the FAQ; it's updated through 'Corn Man'. Jarod's Notebooks and the Data Annex also updated through 'Corn Man'.

April 30, 2000 -- Need I say again how much I hate NBC? :P Anyway, Jarod's Notebooks and the Data Annex updated through Meltdown; updates to Rwfuge and the FAQ coming within the next couple days.

February 6, 2000 -- Everything updated (and I mean everything except the DSAs and Links, and those are next on my list) through the latest abysmal Pretender/Profiler crossover. Consolidated all of the name/identity files into one; everyone can read tables these days and maintaining all three was a pain. Updated the NBC addresses and added the link to the OP-STP page in the FAQ. Hey, I won an award! Will wonders never cease.... November 14, 1999 -- Happy birthday to the Centre! It's been a wild ride these last three years, and looks like it's going to keep being one. Thanks to the 228,933+ people who have visited the Centre, despite some long lags between updates and my inability to read a calendar. < g > Everything is updated through Road Trip, including the Annex and the FAQ.

September 25, 1999 -- Check out the new look! I got it done in time! Everything is updated through The World's Changing; I broke down and put the official NBC picture in the DSAs, and replaced all of the really cruddy thumbnails with ones you can actually see. Updated the links, cleaned the pages, generally redecorated the place. Enjoy!

September 7, 1999 -- Okay, yeah, I know. Some sporadic updates since since January, and mostly just keeping the Notebooks up to date. I was hoping to have a redesign ready before the new season, but it's not going to happen (blame Frscape, it's taking up most of my design time). I'd swear I'm never goign to get four months of episodes behind in the FAQ and lists again (if nothing else, after this long I can't read my own notes), but... I make no guarantees. < g > I suck, I know. Gimme a break. Anyway, FAQ and Files more or less updated through the third-season finale -- as usual, if I missed anything, if I messed anything up, or if you have anything to add, let me know!

January 2, 1999 -- Happy New Year, all! Everything is updated through 'Flesh and Blood', a few new links on Refuge, a few updates to Sydeny's Files and I reorganized the FAQ and updated the Other Actors section, including adding Leigh Taylor-Young and Darren Kennedy.

October 18, 1998 -- Season premiere, and everything duly updated (and I would like it noted for the record that updates got done in less than 24 hours. I wouldn't, however, count on that trend to continue. :P). Updated bios for Jamie Denton and Pamela Gidley, new links in Refuge.

September 6, 1998 -- Once again, I've managed to go an inordinate amount of time without updating -- the excuse is that I finally got a grownup computer, with an actual color monitor on which I can do graphics for the first time, and sounds, when I figure out how. Bad news is, it's an iMac, and getting files to it from the old computer is real fun. :P I think I've got everything I need over here now. I can't promise I'll be better about updating (I have a life!), but I'm certainly better equipped to do it, now.

Shifted the vast majority of my files to my dreamhost account to make my primary account sysadmins happy -- all links from The Centre should work and if you were connecting directly to pages instead of to The Centre main page -- well, you shouldn't have been. :P Updated and reorganized Refuge, updated the Notebook (like I should have been doing all along, I know, I'm a rotten person. Hush.), and added bio information for Pamela Guidley and Jamie Denton (although I sincerely hope we've seen the last of Zheet). I have the NBC pics, but have decided not to add them to the DSA archives -- come on, they're available at 12 other sites, at least! Further developments await the season premiere (October 17! Yeah!).

June 1, 1998 -- Okay, absolutely everything updated through 'Bloodlines'. I mean everything. FAQ, all lists, episode guide. Some new links on Refuge and I rearranged the Filing Cabinet. I'll clear out the link rot and put up the scads of pictures I've got sometime soon. Like, the next few months, knowing my schedule...

March 25, 1998 -- Finally got the FAQ, names lists, etc. updated through Amnesia.

March 6, 1998 -- A loong absence, as I'm sure everyone noticed. Sorry about that; I was traveling, then got sick. :P The FAQ and various other lists will be updated as soon as I get my copy of 'Indy Show', which I screwed up taping. The fanfic archive is updated with four new stories, which are the last ones that will be added; I just don't have time to maintain it as it should be maintained. Added a Jon Greis bio to the cast page, and the Notebook is finally updated through 'Gigolo Jarod'; went through Refuge and cleared out the dead links, updated some and added a few.

January 4, 1998 -- Notebook, FAQ, etc. updated through Collateral Damage. New fanfic from Mel and Swikstr (the writing machines), updated the link to the Swedish Pretender page, two new pictures of Jarod and Miss Parker in DSA. Took down Broots' Bulletins because I'm terminally out of the loop on appearances, etc. Sorry. Information on Kelsey Mulrooney (Debbie Broots) added to FAQ.

December 13, 1997 -- Notebook, FAQ, etc. updated through Past Sim. New fanfic from Mel and Swikstr and filk from Deb on the fanfic page, some lightbulb humor from Emir in the Filing Cabinet, and a new link on Refuge.

November 26, 1997 -- Updated through 'Exposed'. Reuploaded 'I decide', so that link should be working again. Really need less of a life, to have more time to do this stuff. :P

November 20, 1997 -- Everything updated through 'Over the Edge'. Several new stories in Miss Parker's, but removed the link to 'Love is Light', as I lost the text file and Shannon has not contacted me (hint, Shannon!). Link to Andrea Parker's chat transcript and an article from Peacock Buzz.

October 30, 1997 -- Three new stories in Miss Parker's, I fixed the link to 'One More Reason', and a link to the Orange County Register article on Patrick Bauchau from March (thanks, Deb!). Bio information on Paul Dillon (thank you again, Deb), and some updated links on Refuge. Two days and counting!

October 9, 1997 -- More new fanfic to Miss Parker's, including several from Nirvana. A few bits of news in Bulletins and a new link in Refuge. I'm actually more or less up to date now, thank god!

October 4, 1997 -- Added new fanfic to Miss Parker's -- if you've sent me something and it's not there, please let me know; I've lost track of some things.

September 30, 1997 -- yes, I am still alive. My computer, however, is on the critical list. I'm trying to make the updates I can -- sorry it's been so long. I'll hopefully have the site fully updated within the next week, fanfic and all. Thanks for being patient and understanding. Well, most of you were. :P So, Refuge is updated with lots of new links and a few changes, the Notebook is finally updated, the FAQ has some new stuff, and there's some new info in Bulletins. Well, it used to be new, it isn't really all that new anymore. *sigh* I miss my trackball.

August 13, 1997 -- Fiddled with fic page;we now have a tables version and a non-tables version, plus a new peice of fic. Two new links on Refuge. 'Yellow Rose' and the filk links should now work again -- sorry about that, they got lost in the move.

July 29, 1997 -- We've moved, in case you hadn't noticed; I moved to Chicago and took my web pages with me. Also made some cosmetic changes to the DSA galleries; they should load more quickly now. Added some new links, the usual fiddling and tweaking.

July 21, 1997 -- added new Q&A to FAQ about 'The Dragon House', new fanfic to Miss Parker's, Philadelphia Inquirer quiz to The Filing Cabinet. Updated notebook, added Men in Black to Jon Gries's filmography.

July 7, 1997 -- new links on Refuge, some info on Paul Dillon and Jon Gries appearances in Bulletins. New fanfic from Nirvana and a new filk section in Miss Parker's Most Wanted.

June 30, 1997 -- Shifted the articles section of Refuge to The Filing Cabinet, since Refuge was getting too long. Added four new site links to Refuge. Added a quite clever parody of the season finale to the fanfic archive. Ryan Merriman's going to be in a TV movie; info is in Bulletins. The Jarod Discovers link should be working now.

June 13, 1997 -- Finally reorganized the bios page, adding all of the recurring actors and giving AP and PB decent head shots. Added new pics of Jarod, Miss Parker, and Angelo to the DSAs. Updated and fiddled with the FAQ. Hopefully the last major update until the new season.

June 9, 1997 -- Maria, you were right, the DA in 'Baby Love' was Mitch Meyers, and the ep guide now reflects this. Mea culpa. Ep guide is updated, added several pieces of fanfic to the archive (mostly from Nirvana, the Writing Machine of Oz), stuck a couple things in the FAQ. Added the names of two beta readers, Erin and Vikki, to the format guide.

May 27, 1997 -- Mostly just fussing around. Updated the notebook, such as it is; how many people got a movie instead of 'Curious Jarod'? Fixed a few errors on the timeline, the identity list (Thank you, you know who you are!), added a couple new links to Refuge. I have some pictures to go up, but they're not going up this time! :) Maybe one more major update for the summer. Starting the countdown to next season....

May 19, 1997 -- groan Well, basically rewrote the &*%$#%@ FAQ after 'The Dragon House', and did some reorganizing on it. Regular stuff updated for finale, added The Centre Timeline to the Filing Cabinet, such as it is. The redux of Roberta's Season Finale is up on the fanfic page. Added link to The Pretender Adventure (which is a lot of fun, try it).

May 13-14, 1997 -- been doing updates on regular stuff all along; I'm late this week because I spent the weekend getting no sleep at Syndi-Con (hi, Betsy, hi Leslie!). Episode guide, FAQ, etc. updated through Baby Love. Spent the last two days adding *lots* of new pictures in the DSA page (thank you, NBC!), including Angelo, Broots, Kyle, Mr. Parker and Mr. Raines. Oh, and one of Nia, but it's not very good. Also reorganized DSA a bit. Added new links for MTW and a couple new interviews on Refuge. Two new pieces of fanfic in Miss Parker's Most Wanted. Some info and a spoiler in Bulletins. Some new actor names in the FAQ, and a bit of reorganization there. Going to go to sleep now.

April 26, 1997 -- Updated absolutely everything for Unhappy Landings; new link on Refuge.

April 21, 1997 -- A new pic of Jarod and Miss Parker from TV Guide, and one of Patrick Bauchau, on the DSA page, and three new pieces of fanfic (well, two and a half) -- all excellent, check 'em out! Put in a link to an article on Patrick B, usual ep guide updates -- we actually get a new episode next week! Yay!

April 8, 1997 -- So much for boredom. Hooked up to Rayhne's WebRing. Added a new article on Patrick Bauchau and Tonia's MTW Appearance drinking game, and started using cute little 'new' gifs. Added two new Jarod pictures (courtesy of Mary Kay Hanson), three new pieces of fanfic, a poem, and format guidelines for submitting fanfic. Messed about with DSA list, combined and tableized name and identity lists (old ones still available in orginal form). Created Broots's Bulletins for news, spoilers, appearance, etc. Eyes are crossing, must go away now.

April 6, 1997 -- We are renewed!!! Confirmed and everything! Wahoo!!! Did the usual new episode updates for Keys, including ep guide, FAQ (jeez, I'm actually writing down everything that we find out about Mrs. Parker, and I still have no clue who did what to whom!) and DSA dates. Got bored and put in links to every page I could find that deals with one of Jarod's obssions.

March 26, 1997 -- more pictures from Tonia, including the autographed one sent out by the MTW fan club (the larger version looks much better than the thumbnail), plus several other Jarod shots. Links to two other .wav sites on the DSA sound page, new (funny) fanfic on Miss Parker's Most Wanted. Ep guide, lists, FAQ updated for 'Under the Reds'. Added links to two new on-line reviews on Refuge, updated a few links. HTMLized and updated DSA/Flashback list. Updated page credits. Added Pat's 'rules' to the list page. Going to go do anything that doesn't involve HTML for awhile.

March 21, 1997 -- the Official Pretender web site is up and running, although still under construction. Also linked to Tonia's new MTW page. A new article in Refuge, added short bio on Harve Presnell (Mr. Parker). FAQ, ep guide updates. New story on the fanfic page (it's mine, so go read it!).

February 26, 1997 -- two new stories on the fanfic page! Transferred the names and identities list, credits list to new page, Filing Cabinet, along with Drinking Game, and DSA summaries. Updated FAQ with information on Kim Myers (Jarod's mother), The Centre. Added Ashley Peldon bio and link to bio page. Added a few new articles, article links to Refuge.

February 9, 1997 -- ep guide and FAQ, of course, new link on Refuge. I highly recommend checking out 'A Minor Obsession' over on Rahyne's adult page.

February 2, 1997 -- added new sections with definitive word on names to the FAQ; usual updates to ep guide, etc.

January 22, 1997 -- yeah, I definitely need a life. Um, added Angelo information to the FAQ, added guest stars from 'Flyer' to the ep guide. Added publicity shots from NBC, TV Guide pages to DSA (what is with those stupid UTV JPGs?), divided MTW DSA into two parts. (Would you call the above sentences an inital report? Sheesh, when did I start speaking in acronyms?) Fixed links to several sites (thanks Rayhne, njhua, etc.). Put up another article, links to the TV Guide and UTV reviews, and the latest version of the drinking game, then actually got a little written on my fanfic!

January 20, 1997 - yet another round in the endless updates to the ep guide and the FAQ (expanded areas on Broots, Mr. Rains, Angelo). Added links to Pez page, Pat's Miss Parker shrine. Put some of the name in-jokes into the FAQ -- we need to figure out the rest. Trying to add more publicity shots from various places -- GifConverter and I are arguing....

January 7, 1997 -- after careful consideration, I've decided I need to get a life, but I'm having too much fun with this one. :) Put up Sara's drinking game (v. 1.0), the first fanfic (All right, Jill!), and the information for the fanfic list. Updated the FAQ and the episode guide yet again. Added a couple more pics from the NBC site.

January 2, 1997 -- set up Refuge (no, not Greyhound's page, I just ran out of cute names that hadn't been used) as new links page, turned Miss Parker's Most Wanted into fanfic archive, linked to Rayne's adult fanfic archive. All we need now is fanfic. Added MTW Fan Club link. More pics from Tonia, the Lean Mean Scannin' Machine -- we are the MTW fangirls! Usual updates to episode guide.

December 16, 1996 -- added Miri sounds from 'Pilot' and 'Mouse' and reorganized sound page; updated ep guide, updated FAQ. More MTW pics from 'Days of Our Lives' -- Tonia is just have too much fun with those Soap Opera digests! Fixed DSA link to RM's home page. Trying to fix graphic on DSA sound page.

December 2, 1996 -- added two more MTW pics, including a really great Jarod pic. Added link to Ryan Merriman's home page, and video shots of Ryan as young Jarod. Put up first set of sound files ('Virus') from Miri on new DSA page, updated the FAQ.

November 22, 1996 -- added lots of MTW pictures to the DSA, thanks to Tonia (can you believe how that man looks when he's not being Jarod? Yum!), and broke the DSA into two smaller pages. Added more questions to the FAQ from Sara, finished the synopses for the episode guide (also with Sara). Centre Archives renamed to Orientation Guide, just to be cuter. :P Added New Stuff page.

November 18, 1996 -- The Centre declared more or less fully-functional. Added screen captures of Miss Parker from Frank. Mark One of the FAQ more or less finished. DSA goes on-line. Page credits go on-line.

November 14, 1996 -- beta version of The Centre goes on-line. Added info on mailing list, Mark One of FAQ, and episode guide.

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