Jenavia's What?

By Bob Hutchinson (UCSBDad)
Copyright 2001

A short fanfic previously posted on the Sci Fi Channel BB in a post bout Jenavia Chatto

"Time for bed." She said in my ear.

"In a minute, Honey. I'm just reviewing the presentation for tomorrow. I'll be done..."

"Just before the presentation is due, if I don't stop you." She finished for me "I am not going to sit in front of a group of Senators who haven't gotten translator microbes and search for a translation from Sebacean with you snoring peacefully beside me. Bedtime. Now!" She reached over me, grabbed the mouse, and turned the computer off.

I stood and reached out to put me arms around her. She backed away a step and then turned and walked towards the bedroom.

I caught up to her in the hallway. "Something wrong?"

"Oh, is something wrong, he asks."

Oh, yeah. Something was wrong. "Okay, what is it?"

She kept walking, looking straight ahead. "Jenavia's pregnant."

It took me a couple of microts to process that and work out the logical conclusion she had come to. "Jenavia's pregnant and of course, it's all my fault."

She walked across the bedroom and into the bathroom. She grabbed her toothbrush and squeezed way too much toothpaste onto it. "As a matter of fact, I know it's your fault."

The best defense if a good offense, they say. "Oh, sure. Seven billion people on this planet and anything that happens is the Earthboy's fault. Moya can't starburst? It must be the Earpman. Commerce planet out of food cubes? Blame the Earpboy. Human food not up to your standards? It's the Earpman's fault. And, if Jenavia gets pregnant, it can only be my fault."

She spat in the sink with more force than was strictly necessary. "Remember when IASA insisted that you had to chair the conference here in Washington on the Farscape II module?"

I nodded. "And you had to go to Edwards to oversee the new engines?"

She smiled triumphantly. "And the people at Edwards had things so frelled up I was there for a week longer than I thought I would be."

I took over "And the Germans and the French and the British all fought about the finances and the conference was postponed until I re-did the budget."

"And you were here for a whole week with Jenavia. And that's when she got pregnant. Does that suggest anything to you? You. Jenavia. Here. Pregnant?"

She stormed out of the bathroom and took off her robe. I immediately lost my train of thought. "You're not wearing the black tee and Calvins you normally wear to bed."

She turned in a circle, slowly, so I could see her body. "Your powers of observation are obviously why they made you an astronaut." Then she pulled back the covers on the bed and wiggled over to her side. My God, can that woman wiggle!

I was sunk. There was nothing to do but take my medicine like a man. I got in and crawled over to her side of the bed. She had turned away from me. I put my arms around her and whispered in her ear. "Okay, Aeryn. You're right, as always. Jenavia's pregnant and it's all my fault, okay? Now how do I earn your forgiveness?"

She turned over and put her arms around me. "I forgive you. After all, I'm madly, passionately and irrationally in love with you, John. All I want you to do is confess when you make a mistake and not do it again."

I started to reply, but she kissed me. What a kisser! When she stopped, I continued. "I know one mistake I'll never make again. You'll never name another one of our dogs."

Aeryn giggled. "You're the one who told me she was a bitch."