Seventy Ways to Tell If You're A Farscape Fan!

By Leah and Mel
Copyright 2000

You know you're a Farscape fan, if:

1. You've discovered that Steven Spielberg was way off.

2. You eat the same thing every day even though you don't like it.

3. All your friends are escaped prisoners.

4. You believe you have 600 billion subjects.

5. You make encouraging comments like, "You can be more."

6. Slingshot takes on a whole new meaning.

7. You don't know where you are but you're sure you'll find out soon.

8. You tape record messages to your parents.

9. Starburst is your favorite candy.

10. You can't take the heat.

11. You had a fight with yourself the other day.

12. You've been there, you've done that and it didn't work.

13. You make enemies without even trying.

14. You count your age in cycles.

15. You often have conversations with yourself . . . because no one else understands.

16. You shoot first and ask questions later.

17. You believe aliens have Australian accents.

18. You spend most of your time in uncharted territories.

19. You trust your friends with your life . . . half the time. The other half you spend running from them.

20. You try to save a life a day, usually your own.

21. You are really 'attached' to your vehicle.

22. You can never go home.

23. Strange people give you the woodies and you believe one of your friends is from the planet Earp.

24. You often find yourself in explosive situations.

25. You are always on the run.

26. You get beat up, slapped, kicked, shot at, spit on or captured on a daily basis.

27. You've named your cars, pets etc. things like The Prowler, Farscape1 and Leviathan.

28. Everything you do reminds you of Star Wars.

29. No one laughs at your jokes.

30. You are being hunted by an insane military commander.

31. You call yourself a peace keeper but you usually start fights.

32. You worry about losing your arms and with good reason.

33. Your friends often tell you that you are the most bizarre creature they have ever met.

34. You've got a secret.

35. You're friends start acting even more insane than usual.

36. You're trying to create a wormhole.

37. Seeing the light was a blinding experience.

38. You're a sun/Sun lover.

39. You wear combat boots.

40. You had a breath-taking experience.

41. You are the female of your species.

42. Your underwear belongs to somebody named Calvin.

43. You sleep soundly.

44. You're suddenly powerless.

45. You're not quite human.

46. You're good at hiding.

47. You often mistake white for blue.

48. You're never sure whether it's day or night.

49. You like rain.

50. Your homecoming didn't turn out exactly the way you planned.

51. You understand every language spoken to you.

52. You call you're friends things like Pip and Sparky.

53. You count time by saying "One mippippi, two mippippi..."

54. You caught a killer flu and then you gave it to all your friends.

55. He missed your heart but definitely struck a nerve.

56. You find yourself quoting from "Lost in Space."

57. You know what froonium means.

58. You love Rockne S. O'Bannon.

59. You lost your nerve once and that almost killed you.

60. You fetch the comfy chair for unexpected guests.

61. You're Stark raving mad.

62. You're not stark raving mad.

63. You look radiant in black.

64. You just delivered a really BIG baby.

65. You're dying for a kiss.

66. Just when you think you're really getting to know someone, you find out they're a plant!!!

67. You're new friend could just eat you up!

68. You know a vacuum can be deadly.

69. That hitchhiker you picked up turned out to be a kidnapper.

70. You know the end is just the beginning!