Soul Flight

By Grey
Copyright 2002

Rated: PG
Spoilers: Dog With Two Bones
Disclaimer: Farscape isn't mine, just borrowing the characters for a story.
Author's Note: Had to make a happy ending for our great boy.

As his remains were laid into space, sadness filled the airless domain. Emerging from them was the ship that people had grown to love. Swiftly circling around what was left of his physical form, humming happily.

Seeing the golden Leviathan that gave him life, he whirled in front of her. Soon turning to fly off around the areas like a child chasing a toy he wanted. He was finally happy with himself, there is no more pain. Going through his life, what had been some of the best parts of his life deciding to hold them close to his soul.

Bailar Crais, forever he will be a father figure. Guiding him to be the way a warrior should be.

Aeryn sun, a passionate woman who loved him for what he was.

John Crichton, an odd creature whom he learned to tolerate. But he knew that the human cared for his well-being.

Rygel XVI, the little toad that ate while aboard him.

Stark, one who was able to see the truth. Became bonded with him for a time, learning to trust him as a good friend who kept him calm.

A magnificent crew he enjoyed having aboard. But now that was gone, and he was free from the pain that wrecked havoc upon him. Seeing clouds form ahead of him, he accelerated to hetch nine, flying toward Kahanyu's open arms. The red energy formed over his body, spinning off into starburst, going to The Builders once again.

~Good bye Talyn~