The Powers That Be take an interest in a certain confrontation between a vampire and a lawyer.

It Had to Be You
Cordelia finds an unexpected -- and unpleasant -- guest sharing a buffet table with her.

What Part of No
Lindsey's night on the town gets a little more interesting after a chance encounter with Cordelia.

Welcome to the dinner date from Hell.

Call and Answer
In the morning after, Cordelia looks for some advice from a... friend?

Ain't Nobody's Business
After a discussion with Holland, Lindsey comes to an unexpected decision.

We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This
A second try at dating pulls Cordelia and Lindsey in much deeper than they'd planned.

Papa Don't Preach
Telling Angel...

Walking on a Wire
Lindsey polishes his balancing act.

This Side of the Morning
A day in the life of a very strange couple.

Something's Gotta Give
Wesley and Angel still have reservations about this whole relationship; now there's a surprise.

Lindsey is caught between his heart and a hard place.

Falling in Love
She knew what he was when she went into this....

Breaking up is hard on everyone.

Drops of Jupiter
Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to let you research.

My Favorite Mistake
All Hell breaks loose in Sunnydale. As usual.

Deep Water
Lindsey's loyalties are tested -- and break under the stress.

When Seconds Count
Reunions and rescue plans on the eve of (another) apocalypse.

Running on Ice
Alliances are made and broken as the Scoobies charge to the rescue.

Up From Under
In the morning after, everything can change.

In the Darkness
Going down the rabbit hole in search of a little guidance.

Hotel California
Wolfram & Hart have a crappy severance plan.

If You Want Me To
Cordelia dreams... and wakes up to a nightmare.

Wait for the Sunrise
Lindsey McDonald and Angel Investigations vs. Wolfram & Hart. Buy your popcorn, and find seats out of the line of fire.

Better Days
Surviving was easier than figuring out what's next.

"There are no happy endings, for nothing ever ends...."


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