For anyone who ever had a boss at work.

Tank McNamara
Sports-themed comic. Sports fans will shake their heads knowingly, and non-fans will laugh because Tank doesn't pull punches about the absurdity of sports.

Nynaeve's Fanfiction
Her Buffy/Angel/X-Files crossover, "Vesparys", was what sucked me into the Buffy fandom in the first place.

Mandi's Weird Web Page
Home of the writings and artistic efforts of Mandolin, a talented author and artist with a delightfully warped sense of humor. If you liked what you saw on my pages, you'll like what you find there.

The Sunnydale Slayers
'Cos I happen to be one of them, and they are one of the best sources for information on the fandom that made me a fanfic writer. Plus, Perri. Duh. :)

Farscape World
The omnibus site about Farscape, the much-acclaimed science-fiction TV series.

For Farscape pop culture references that go by at a pace too fast to follow.

The Tourist's Guide to the Uncharted Territories
Where I learned what Farscape truly was and what made it worth watching.

Dave Barry's Home Page
If you've ever wondered if the world is insane, you'll like Dave. He doesn't think the world's insane; he knows, and he can prove it. Also visit his blog, but not while drinking.

New York Yankees
My home team, and the only organization in professional sports for which I feel a spiritual connection. Your mileage may vary.

The Goon Show
Classic radio comedy. (Legal disclaimer: Irregularities does not endorse the smoking of gorillas, monkeys, baboons, or pictures of Queen Victoria.)