if Fate had twisted a bit at the end of 'To Shanshu in L.A.', Lindsey McDonald's life could have changed -- and so might everything else... to be posted revised and complete beginning August 28, 2009. seasons 1-2

hero's end
the end and aftermath of 'Hero', from Cordelia's point of view. season 1

like minds
two Seers walk into a bar... Crossover with The Dead Zone. season 3(1)

nothing like regret
Wesley has no more chances to say... anything. part of the darkest dawn SunS collaborative universe. season 2

ode to a friend
a trio of unbashedly sentimental 100-word drabbles, inspired by 'To Shanshu in L.A.' season 1

something to remember
a sentimental future fic. hankies recommended by all betareaders.
Summer 2000 Halo Award winner.
the residents of Sunnydale and L.A. join forces to research prophecies, fight demons, defeat evil... and tackle Cordelia's dry cleaning. season 1
Winter 2001 Halo Award
Round 2 Walk With Heroes award.

triptych n: a work made up of three matching or contrasting parts. season 3

what are friends for
a missing scene from 'Eternity'. Wesley and Cordelia deal with their choices if Angelus wakes up instead of Angel. season 1