Nick hit the couch like a ton of, well, bricks. It had been one helluva long day -- he was too tired even to feed. Instead, he crossed his hands on his chest (in traditional vampire form) and quietly passed out (in traditional male form.)

It was only an hour before the sun began to rise. Little by little, it creeped through the window Nick had left unshuttered, stealing its way across the floor to the couch, where he continued to sleep, oblivious (as usual.)

The first ray of sunlight hit the couch and traveled up the upholstry, hitting Nick's elbow, which started to burn slightly. He responded by mumbling and moving it. The next rays were slightly more forceful, enveloping his arm in golden light, which turned into red hot flames.

He jolted awake, already groggy with pain, barely realizing what had happened -- he'd left the shutters open! Howling in pain, he slammed his burning arm against the couch, trying to smother the flames, while groping for the remote control with the other.

He finally found it, and pointed it towards the window, pressing the button that would close the shutters and save his life.

Nothing happened.

And as the sun and flames rose around him, he realized how long it had been since he'd changed the batteries.

In an instant, there was nothing left but a pile of ashes as his screams died away. Then there was a thumping sound from the door -- and a tiny pink bunny with a drum rolled through the ashes. It turned its head to reveal a blond crew cut and tiny, sharp fangs, as a disembodied voice came out of nowhere -- "It keeps going, and going, and going..."

Nick sat up fast, sweating. Without even thinking, he groped for the remote and pressed the button. To his relief, it worked and the shutters closed, just as the first sunlight broke over the sill.

He dropped the remote and reached for the phone behind his head.

"Hello, CostCo? I need to order a case of batteries....better make that a truckload. Any brand but Energizer."



I take very little responsibility for this, as it was born at the end of a six-episode marathon while surrounded by Knighties. I am, however, ashamed to admit that I came up with the basic concept on only one glass of alcohol. But the fangs weren't mine!!!!