"Little Girl Lost" began in September 1998, before the third-season premiere of The Pretender, when Perri had a dream and told Kiki about it, and Kiki felt compelled to start writing it down. Kiki says it's therefore all Perri's fault for coming up with it; Perri vehemently disagrees, since Kiki could have shown some willpower!

"Little Girl Lost" splits off from the canonical Pretender universe just after the episode 'Flesh and Blood'. While a few plot elements are similar to those seen in 'Donoterase', we thought of them first. < g > And took them in a very different direction.

Warning: "Little Girl Lost" remains unfinished; we ended the 300+k of story at a pretty good stopping point (no cliffhangers), we just know that there's more story to tell. Sadly, the Pretender movies turned out too be too stupid for either of us to deal with; that, combined with our involvement of other fandoms (notably Buffy the Vampire Slayer), put "Little Girl Lost" on the the back burner, and it eventually slid off behind the stove altogether. Will we ever clean it up and get back into it? We can't quite seem to let it go, so... maybe. Someday. Will writing to nag us for more bring "someday" sooner, or do anything but irritate us? No. Until we are irresistably compelled to pick it back up, this fic ends as it stands.

Thanks to our beta-readers beyond the call of duty: Dianne DeSha, Lizbet Lewis, Celli Lane, Dawn Steele and Abby Albrecht.




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