the delphi set

The Hard Way
Siryn and Wolverine are kidnapped by a group of Genoshan terrorists and their only hope for rescue is Deadpool and his kid sister, the mercenary Delphi. 1998 Prosh Awards: Best Adventure and Best Story

No Man's Land
Gambit, Jubilee and Wolverine set out to track down the headquarters of the Friends of Humanity, but Gambit's old pilot friend turns out to be Jordan Raines, a.k.a. Delphi.

Good Run of Bad Luck
A prequel to the Delphi set, in which Jordan Raines and Remy LeBeau discover that their latest job is a lot more than they'd bargained for. Also starring Belladonna.

shea and chase

A young mutant and her friend find themselves on a cross-country motorcycle trip, chased by the government all the way, in an attempt to find sanctuary at the Massachusetts Academy. Featuring a guest-appearance by She-Hulk and X-Men and Generation X cameos.

Pennies on a Train Track
Shea and Chase discover even sanctuary has its dangers, and its price, when they meet up with Generation X.

the common people

my contributions to the a.c.ff anthology.

Blue Starfish
A rookie cop learns that justice requires more than a badge. Rather a dark story.

A clairvoyant DJ offers a little hope to her listeners. This was a experiment -- you have been warned.

other fic

My continuation of What If... #87, and a particularly angst-ridden Jubilee story. It actually does not get angstier than this.

Circle in the Sand
Kitty Pryde must come to terms with Rachel Summers' life when another Rachel is born.

Hold On
Based on the Sarah McLachlan song. Kitty and Jubilee deal with the news of Logan's fate at the hands of Genesis. Heavy, serious angst.

If You Can't Beat Them
A short, less than serious Guy's Night Out for Gambit and Wolverine, with a guest appearance by Spider-Man.

O Christmas Tree or Too Much Tinsel, Popcorn Brain!
Jubilee's first Christmas with the X-Men. I get a lot of comments on this, especially considering the amount of time I didn't spend on it.

Romance 101
Pete Wisdom attempts to figure out the woman he loves -- Kitty Pryde -- with no real help from the rest of Excalibur. Silly romantic stuff.

Seventh Inning Stretch or The Revolving Door
A quick look at death in the Marvel universe, when a wise-ass angel forces Wolverine to make some choices about his life.