Pearls of Wisdom

by havocthecat
Copyright 1997

Ok, this one was inspired by the whole "Was Robia in that Prince video?" thing debate we were having earlier today. I'm blaming everyone and anyone who said even the least thing about it. This is short, quick, really, really silly, and (as per usual with my one part fic pieces) totally unbetaread.

"Uh, Jenny," said Rupert, walking into the computer lab and looking around nervously. Well, this was a shock. Rupert usually tended to avoid my lab, which was fine with me for the most part. It was much homier in the library. Well, unless there were demons there, but anyplace became instantly inhabitable when demons were in the immediate vicinity.

'Vicinity?' He's even got me to start talking like him. I smiled, looking up from my latest round of programming. "So, Rupert, what's got your goat?"

"Have you erhm, ever done any...modeling?" He was practically blushing, the poor dear.

"Not recently, Rupert," I said. He flushed totally red, and held out an album towards me. I looked at the cover, and my eyes widened. "Wow, I thought that was out of print."

"Then this *is* you?" Rupert tossed the CD down on my desk hurriedly.

"Yeah, I needed some extra money to cover my books one semester at college, so I took a dancing/modeling thing." He was looking at me strangely, an dI blushed just a little. Ok, so it was kind of embarrassing. "What?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just that I have a hard time imagining you in, ah, that outfit." I took a look at the album cover. I'd definitely forgotten what I was wearing then. I smiled a little; best to play this one for all I could get.

"The outfit?" I feigned surprise. "Actually, that was mine. I still have it somewhere in the back of my closet."

Rupert gulped, made some excuse or another, and ran out of my lab as if Spike and all his hordes were on his trail. I couldn't help it; I started laughing and couldn't manage to stop until the bell rang and my Advanced Visual Basic class started trailing in.

The End

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