Nightmare Sieges

by havocthecat
Copyright 1997

Channeling insane vampires has been proven to be hazardous to your mental health. This has been a public service announcement from Fic Writers Anonymous.

She had begged near the end. She'd recognized one of her predecessors, and saw the torn remnants of what had been a Slayer. That was what had broken her. She'd sobbed then, cried and screamed and pleaded. He didn't even know if she'd felt any of the pain after that, but that was all right with him. It was much more fun watching her mind crack right before her eyes.

Drusilla'd had much more fun. With a coldness and a precision that would have horrified her-if she were still alive-she'd reached into this Slayer's mind and pulled out a name. Just one little name.

Rupert.. Her Watcher.

He killed her then. He ripped her heart right out of her chest while she watched. Dru'd smiled then, and clapped her hands, laughing a bit like she used to. Before the memories started coming back.


Cordelia'd had to sit on Giles to keep him from going anywhere. Angel was out looking for Buffy, and they needed Giles alive. He'd be of no help to anyone if he went out and got himself killed. If they didn't know what had happened to Angel, they needed Giles. They were the only two who knew what was in some of those books, and the key to this puzzle was in one of them-if only they could get to the library.

No one knew where Willow was; she'd disappeared earlier in the night, claiming she knew at least one place to look that Angel didn't. Xander was pacing the room, fidgeting constantly, worry written clear on his face. His hair was messed from several days without a bath, and his haunted eyes were owed to too little sleep and far too much worry.

"Will you stop that?" Cordelia snapped from her seat on Giles' chest. "You're making me nervous."

"Do you mind?" Xander asked, turning to face her. "My two best friends are out there, possibly dead. I have a right to be worried."

"Yeah, but you don't have to give me wrinkles, which you will if you don't stop that." Giles merely sighed as he listened to Cordelia.

"Hey," said Ms. Calendar from the other side of the room. "Can you guys chill for a minute?" She was clicking away at her laptop, trying to connect with one of her circle and figure out exactly what was happening. "Here we go!" She reached over to the mouse and clicked with it. "Apparently there was some sort of..."

The door to Angel's apartment slammed open, and a very vampiric-looking Willow burst in, followed by a grinning Angel. "Gotcha!" He laughed. "I always knew that Anne Rice was good for something." Xander had frozen, looking at Willow in horror. Jenny cringed as Spike came in and ripped the phone cord out of the computer. Giles managed to unseat Cordelia with ease, knocking her onto the ground. He grabbed a stake, only to have it knocked out of his hand by Drusilla. She darted for his throat, and he screamed. Spike grabbed Jenny's wrists and pulled her to him as Willow ran for Xander and Angel attacked Cordelia.


Spike woke up then, and laughed. Wouldn't that be nice? He leaned over and woke Drusilla up. "Rise and shine, lovey," he said.

"I was having such a lovely dream, Spike," she said. "It was all pretty and shiny, and there were daisies."

"Not right now, Dru," he said. "We've got plans to make. I've got the greatest idea."

Drusilla reached over and brushed her hand through his hair. "Was it all from your dream?"

"Yes, Dru. Now come on, we've got a Slayer to kill." Spike smiled at her.

"But the dream isn't going to happen, Spike." Drusilla looked at him in puzzlement. "That dream never happens."

"It's all right, Dru. We'll find another way..."

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