Watcher Boo

by havocthecat
Copyright 1999

You know, this *was* supposed to be an Animaniacs crossover, but something tells me it just ended up being really appropriate foreshadowing. Go fig. Written the day after "Helpless." I blame Dawn Steele for this one.

"Well," said Giles, with a sigh. Quentin had left a week earlier, and the new Watcher was supposed to be here soon.

Something...well, Giles could only describe the sound as pecking. Something pecked at the door to the library, and he set his cup of tea down on the counter. "Hello?" He opened the door. "You're the new Watcher?"

The new Watcher, clad in tweed (Giles believed it to be in the dress code), nodded soundlessly.

"Come in," he said, holding the door open as the Watcher stepped inside and inspected the library with gleaming eyes.

"Giles," said Buffy, breezing in. "Any word when Newbie Boy gets in?" She paused. "Tell me that's something Hellmouthy, and not my new Watcher."

"No, Buffy, I'm afraid this is your Watcher as of now. His name is..." He paused, glancing at the new Watcher.

"Giles, he can't be my Watcher! He's a giant chicken!"

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