It CAme Upon a Midnight Clear

by Lizbetann
Copyright 1998

Whip me, beat me, make me write sappy fanfic... oh, wait, I already have...


"Hmmm. Yes, Megan?"

"Timmy's depressed."

"It's Christmas Eve, Megan. No six-year-olds can be depressed on Christmas Eve."

Pause. "It's not snowing, Tom."

"Of course it's not snowing, Megan. This is Sunnydale. No rain, or sleet, or snow. Just beautiful, balmy, 80 degree temperatures. Timmy loves the weather."

"You're right, he does. Except that it should snow on Christmas."

"OK, OK, you're right, he's been a bit down about that. So?"


"So? Do you want to scoop him up and take him back to Connecticut for Christmas?"

"Well, no, that wasn't my first plan."

"I'm terrified to hear what your first plan would be."

"I thought with just a little judicious nudging of a few cold fronts..."

"'Judicious nudging'? Did I just hear you say, 'judicious nudging'?"

"It could work."

"So could rebuilding the ark, but I'd rather not try it right now! Lord and Lady forfend, Megan, but you want to bespell a snowstorm for Christmas morning?"

"He's only six, Tom..."

"And we're only two witches, Megan."

"It wouldn't be that hard. I can do it myself."

"No, thank you. I know your enthusiasm. I moved out to California to get *away* from blizzards. Not that Sunnydale was the best place to move. I think we might not want to stay here..."

"I agree, but we're here now. And so is Timmy. Tom..."

Sigh. "You realize we're both going to be trashed all day tomorrow, right?"

"It'll be worth it. To see his face..."

Pause. "You're right. Just as dawn strikes?"

"Oh, yes. He'll be up with the sun, and the snow will be coming down..."


"Should we get him up?"

"No. He'll be up any moment. Oh, Tom, it's lovely."

Chuckle. "Oh, so you were missing the snow too, huh?"

"Well... maybe just a little."

Pause. "It *is* nice."

"Just like a guy. *Nice.*. Oh, look, Tom. Those two, there up on the hill. I bet that they are two young lovers. First love. And they snuck up to the hill to watch the sun rise on Christmas morning. And they have snow."

"They probably snuck up there to make out, and the snow is wrecking their plans."


"No, you're just the biggest hopeless romantic that I've ever met."

"Which is why you love me."

"You don't have to sound *quite* so smug about that."

"Mom, Dad! Come look! It's SNOWING!"

"Coming, Timmy! Merry Christmas, Tom."

"Merry Christmas, Megan. I love you."

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