diannelamerc -- a.k.a. SunS List Mom, Wandering, Muttering Hermit of the CoJ, Dee, the water buffalo, the Grand High Poobah (GHP) Emeritus, Death

Lizbetann -- a.k.a. Plague, the Plaguelet, the Merclet, the gnat. SunS List Mummy, High Priestess of the Cult of Joss, Angel Annex WebMistress, Keeper of Joss's Evil Brain

Perri Smith -- a.k.a. StratWar, the hummingbird. SunS WebMistress, Evangalist of the Cult of Joss

Alix Aadler

Abby Albrecht -- Mysterious Hooded One (CoJ)

Beth Arritt

Amparo Bertram -- a.k.a. Pod

Ruth Bolton

Catherine Boone -- a.k.a. Cath, Boo, TacWar

havocthecat -- a.k.a. Havoc. Keeper of the Mysteries (CoJ)

Jen Crowe

deb the Demure


Debra Ann Fiorini

Judith Freudenthal


Bianca Hall

Erica Hall

Jennie Hayes

Amy Hull -- a.k.a Confusion

Christina K -- a.k.a. Chaos, the butterfly, Kiki

Tom K -- a.k.a. Spawn of Chaos' Parents

Jean Kennedy

Valerie Meachum Kessler -- a.k.a. Madness. Keeper of Willow's Butterfly Necklace, Cordelia's Silver Velvet Mock-Neck Shirt and Buffy's Sloppy Roundhouse; Babbling Oracle (CoJ)

Bruce Knight -- a.k.a. BK the Irregular

Betsy Knox

Celli Lane -- a.k.a. the firefly. High Priestess of the Cult of Joss

Kimberley Low

Sasha Lydon

Maddog and Rastro -- a.k.a. The Lurkers

Anya McLerie

Elaine McMillian -- GASPer, Keeper of Giles's Dread Machine (Computer)

Heather Melville

Deb Menikoff

Mary Beth Nielsen -- Bubbling Oracle (CoJ)

Morgan O'Hell

Leslie -- Keeper of the Buffy Music, Bard of the Cult of Joss


Gina Shaw

Catherine Sieman

Julie Skelly

Lynn Stapleton

Dawn Steele

Karyn Swanson

Karen Topinka -- a.k.a. kt

Betsy Vera -- GASPer, Keeper of Giles's Cuff Links and Roller Up of Sleeves, Cryptic One (CoJ)

Maureen Wynn -- a.k.a. Vengeance, Mama Mo. Keeper of the Quote Lists, Keeper of Giles's Glasses, Computer Assistant

Jeff Yake -- a.k.a. the Grasshopper. Official SunS Moose Muse

Nancy Yim

Mike Zimbouski -- God of Synopses

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