December 5, 1998 -- Everything updated through Revelations, except for the injuries list. Thanks to Lizbet for our great holiday logos -- Happy Holidays, all!

November 14, 1998 -- Sorry about missing the week of updates; between being out of town and my synopsis volunteer getting caught in Real Life, things fell apart. And it's not improving -- my power went out (along with half of Chicago) Tuesday night, so I missed Band Candy. And the episode appears to be cursed, so getting a copy of a tape is interesting, to say the least. (Raise your hand if you not only managed to tape it, but did not later tape over it, or have successfully managed to copy it. Yes, thank you, people will soon be descending on you.) Hoping for the review up by Tuesday, with Tuesday's ep up a few days after that. On the plus side, we've had 30,000 hits! Thanks to all of our visitors!

October 17, 1998 -- You may have noticed something different... < g > Perri has fallen in love with Photoshop and the page reflects this. Content has not truly changed, but I hope everyone likes the new look. Episodes and Quotes updated through 'Faith, Hope and Tricks', SunSQuotes also updated. I'll get to the Injuries list as soon as I have time. Added a bit from Dianne to the Becoming II review. Two new stories added to fanfic, plus a piece of filk. Front page pic changed to the comic poster until I can find a decent third-season cast shot.

August 29, 1998 -- We went past 20,000 hits! Around our first anniversary!!! Wahoo! Okay, fun with file transfers, from enteract/geocities to dreamhost, and from old computer to new computer. :P The Sounds page has moved to dreamhost, since I'm lazy, in case anyone is linking directly to it, which they shouldn't be anyway. All image files have moved to dreamhost, but the Images index page is still on enteract. Everyone following this? Consolidating files, making use of the space I'm paying dreamhost for. Finally found a bio for Robia and added it to the Cast page. Also updated Sunsquotes, added three new quote lists. Updated Fanfic with new stories and new versions of some of Mary Beth's stories. We seem to be having a creative crisis -- how long until the new season?

July 23, 1998 -- Lessee, fanfic page updated as usual, actually uploaded Chris's review of Becoming II. Updated the Members page (hugs to the bouncing baby SunS!) and updated the SunSQuotes (supportive hugs to the bouncing baby SunS, most of whom got quoted).

June 6, 1998 -- Fanfic page updated (yes, Betsy, I fixed 'Alice') including the latest part of the round robin (and we do mean latest; I think Lizbet has set a new world record for tardiness). Also updated the quote page, for SunSQuotes, some quote lists, and cleaning up of 'Becoming I'. Added Chris's review of 'Becoming II'.

May 30, 1998 -- Sorry about the delay in posting the Becoming II review, but MediaWest offered an excellent excuse to avoid dealing. All SunS zines sold out by Saturday, by the way -- let's hear it for our talented editors! Now go order copies.... Added the zine page a few weeks ago, reviews and quotes up for Becoming, both parts, updated the injuries list. Going to have to rewrite the cast page again (now there's a shock), but not today.

May 11, 1998 -- I've updated more recently than this, natch, but not much. Lots of new fanfic, the SunSquotes is updated, all eps and quote lists through 'Go Fish'. Updated the links page and the members page. Wow, it's been a whole three months since I had to rewrite the cast page. Anyone want to bet my luck doesn't hold through 'Becoming'?

March 28, 1998 -- Updates for the month: everything up through Killed By Death (except the injuries list, which I still haven't been able to stand to do for 'Passion'). A few new pieces of fic in the archive, a couple new quote lists. How long until new episodes start?

February 27, 1998 -- Jeez, what didn't I change? Can we say 'sublimation'? :P The front door is different, natch ( Poor Jenny.). Review and quotes up through 'Passion' (except for the synopsis), rewrote half the cast page, updated and added various aliases to the Members page, cleaned up the About page (yes, Cath, I changed it!), and added five new stories to the Fanfic page. Angst has an interesting effect on our writing....

February 18, 1998 -- Let's see.... I changed the pic of Xander on the cast page and did the BBB stuff last week. Added a muchness of fanfic (Dawn, Chris, Horsechicks, Tina, Abby) this week, plus two quote lists and fixed the attributions on the SunS quote list.

February 1, 1998 -- Updated SunS quotes (you may now all run for cover); added Jean to the Members list, added a new pic to the Images page. New fic from me and Mary Beth, plus part 7 of the Round Robin.

January 26, 1998 -- Lots of new fic; Staked on Classics is now an official subcategory. Put up the 'West Side Buffy' lyrics. Updated SunS Quote list. Updated Members list with newbies (hi guys!).

January 22, 1998 -- Quote and reviews for Surprise and Innocence. Lots of new fic went up a few days ago, and rearranged the page a bit. Injuries list updated from Bad Eggs on; Oz added. Cast page updated.January 17-18, 1998 -- Trying to get everything updated before the deluge of S/I. Lots of new fic, and moved Lizbet's Summer Vacation to the SunS server. Tweaked the links page, changed the URL to SMG's page on the Cast list, updated the SunS Quote List.

January 11, 1998 -- updated SunS Quotes, fanfic page with stories from Lizbet, Celli and two parts of the Round Robin. Created new section in fanfic for Top Ten lists (including Dawn's and yours, Celli!). Added bio information on James Marsters to cast page.

January 2, 1998 -- first update of the new year! And the gallery got rearranged again, and new vidcaps of Robia in 'Blood Ties' got added (thank you, Val). Put up Version 1.0 of the drinking game, updated the links page, and finally updated the cast page with Snyder, Oz, and Spike and Drusilla. *Need* info on James Marsters! Oh, and Sunsquotes got updated. And updated links, finally added Lizbet's LA Comic Con report. All done!

December 29, 1997 -- Okay, vidcaps are up for real this time; rearranged the gallery again, and added the pics from Location magazine (thanks you Celli!). Also the fourth part of the Round Robin and Celli's new story on the fanfic page.

December 15, 1997 -- I lied. The pics from Lie to Me and The Dark Age got messed up in transition between three computers and two servers. I'll try them again when I'm in Dallas. Oh, and the links to the Round Robin now actually work and Celli's name is spelled correctly. Ever have one of those days when you should have stood in bed?

December 15, 1997 -- No new ep again <* sigh *>, but the third part of the Round Robin and short silly fanfic from Celli. Put up Betsy' screencaps from Lie to Me and The Dark Age, and linking to Celli's name page and the Inca Mummy Girl story.

December 10, 1997 -- Review, etc for 'Ted'. New images from Valerie, new fanfic, including part 2 of the round robin. New quotes (natch) and a couple quote lists. Added reviews to 'What's My Line 2' and 'Welcome to the Hellmouth'.

December 1, 1997 -- Mean ol' Joss not giving us a new ep. *pout* So rearranged the image archive, and put up Betsy's screen caps from What's My Line 1 and 2. We'll see how these work out, then maybe talk her into donating some more. Waiting for Chris' review of WML2.

November 18, 1997 -- Everything except the stuff for 'What's My Line 1. Loads of fanfic, links to Abby's sounds, a couple new links (including the Sleaze), an updates SunS quote list, the spoiler rules now handily available off of About SunS if questions arise, and a semi-new bio for Aly that I like much better that Lynn got out of the Canadian TV Guide. Hopefully ep review and quotes will be up by tomorrow.

November 12, 1997 -- updates for The Dark Age, and some new fanfic. more to come this week, I hope.

October 30, 1997 -- episode reviews, injury list, and quote lists through 'Halloween' are up. Updated the fanfic page, then fixed all of the coding I screwed up by updating the fanfic page at two hours past my bedtime. :P Lizbet put up the ACS con report, I added the quote list. Updated the Links page for Leslie and Anya's moves.

October 4, 1997 -- Lizbet's new fanfic on the Fanfic page; new quotes on the Suns Quote List, plus the Ohio Faire/Lear Quote List (con reports has been moved to the Quotes page). Ep review and injuries update for School Hard is up; waiting for the quote list from Maureen. Anya added to the Members page. A few new Q&A's on the About SunS page. Tired now, but not done.

September 23, 1997 -- Episode guide and quote list for SAR are up; Injuries list will be up as soon as I recheck the tape. Put up some pics from a SunS that will remain anonymous, including the OnSat cover with SMG. Added Christina's 'Shadow' to the fanfic page. Added Robia to the Cast page. Fixed the big sounds links. Added new quotes to SunS Quote List -- Lizbet and Dianne may go hide now. *G*

September 18, 1997 -- Seen it! And lots of work to do. Updated and tweaked Injuries List, added WSWB Quote List and Ep reviews. Added two reviews to first season eps. Added Sasha, Sheryl to Members page. Injuries list will be finished whne I have the ep in front of me to get Buffy's fight scenes.

September 15, 1997 -- Well, I'm one of the cursed who got pre-empted until Wednesday, but at least I got an assignment with a really good computer. So, I can get some of the graphics updating done at least. New pub shots of Willow, Xander and Angel on appropriate pages (finally they took some I liked of Nick and Aly!), updated Members, About SunS, and the Fanfic page.

August 31, 1996 -- Been updating the fanfic page all along; been rewatching eps, so went in and fussed with the ep reviews. Anyone want to do some reviews before the new season starts? Be my guest.

August 13-14, 1997 -- added new quotes to SunS Quotes. Added new fic from Celli, Tina, Elaine, and Lizbet, and the latest Round Robin chapter.

August 5-7, 1997 -- Added the latest parts of the Round Robin, new ones from Christina, Celli.

July 29, 1997 -- The Great Migration is finished (I hope) and we are PUBLIC! Feel free to link up... No other real changes, except I switched out the picture on the About page for the newer one of David. Like it better...

July 22, 1997 -- Wheee! Added pic of Nick and David to the Images page, plus an entire gallery of Ms. Calendar shots (thanks, Val!), put up the first three parts of the Round Robin, and Dawn's silly short on fanfic page, updated link to Slayer Fanfic Archive. Put up the Sounds page for real, with yet another pic of Ms. C. (Suns chorus "Thank you kindly, Val!"). Added Abby's address, Lizbet and Celli's con report to the Members page, SDCC quotes from Joss, Alyson and Nick to the SunS quote page. Still waiting for Tina's quotes.... Getting ready for the Great Migration.

July 4, 1997 -- added some new pics (the Angel/Buffy kitchen shot and Valerie's scan of the TVGuide Buffy/Angel pic) to Images. Moved some pictures around, added deb and Elaine's web pages, fiddled with the Cast page, updated the SunS Quote List. Opened the Fanfic page with Independence Day -- need more fanfic. Write, SunS, write!

June 26, 1997 -- added my and Lizbet's reviews of Nightmares, which finishes the Episodes page for now. Linked to Sounds of the Slayers and Celli's page, made a few corrections to the Cast page, added a few injuries to the Injury list. Edited the Quote List to keep it under control.

June 23, 1997 -- added link to Tina's page, Lizbet's review of Never Kill a Boy, and more stuff to the SunS quote list. Going to add Tina's List of People when I recover it.

June 17, 1997 -- Wheee! Cast/character list finally done, Images page started (with a whole two images, but it's there), and we're almost ready to go public. A few more images from Lizbet, finish the ep reviews, and we are set! The Injuries list is finished, too.

June 14, 1997 -- Entirely too many episode reviews done, including Lizbet's and my takes on 'Angel'. Every page except Cast, Images and New done. Spending entirely too much time doing this instead of working on fanfic.

June 4, 1997 -- beta-version goes on line, to receive fulsome praise from the rest of the SunS.

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