Whisper in the Darkness

by Dallas Thompson

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own the WW, that belongs to Aaron Sorkin! Don't sue, I'm a poor wannabe writer, the lawyers would die laughing!
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Notes: Thanks to Janie! :-)

"Sam, are you okay?" Ainsley looked at him with a frown. She had come by his apartment to give him a brief, and found him, sitting in the dark, staring at a picture of a Monet painting.

"Yeah, fine," he wanted to cry out to her. No! I'm not fine! Don't go!

"You sure?"

"Yeah, you want something to drink?"

"What do you have?"

"Beer, coke, or water."


"Kay," Sam returned with two beers, and handed her one, before sitting down and opening his, taking a long swallow, and closing his eyes as it slid down his throat. He sighed softly, and she watched him worriedly. A 6 pack later, 4 of those going to Sam, she sat down next to him, and patted his knee gently.

"It will, I am sure, work out eventually, Sam." She smiled. He reached down and took her hand in his, before kissing her softly. She, who had long felt a strange attraction to him, kissed back, slipping her tongue into his mouth, as she deepened the kiss. Their tongues dueled, and she moaned softly, as he was an experienced kisser and his hands knew exactly what to do. He pulled her into his lap, and began to kiss her neck, his hands up her shirt, but below her breasts, gently rubbing her stomach.

She moaned again. "Sam..." she murmured breathlessly.

"What?" He asked softly, his hands moving up further to cup her breast gently, rubbing his thumb in a circular motion over her nipple, feeling the material of her bra move against her breast. Her nipples hardened right away, and she arched, asking for more without a word. Without a thought, she lowered her head to his shoulder, and began to kiss his neck, her lips devouring his salty skin, as she smelled the spicy cologne he wore. She throbbed for him, her panties dripping wet.

He stood, and began to move her back to the bedroom, his hands on her waist now, as he kissed her gently, probing her mouth, his tongue sliding over her teeth, and teasing the inside of her cheek gently. Her mind was completely blown, and she could really do nothing more then be there, as he gently lay her down on the bed. "Ainsley, Ainsley, Ainsley," he murmured softly, slowly unbuttoning her shirt, and kissing the creamy skin that he exsposed. She could do nothing, but tug his t-shirt up and over his head, then run her hands over his tanned skin, warm and salty to the taste. She was ready for him, and could tell by the changing shape of his pants that he was ready for her.

Ainsley moved her trembling fingers down to his belt buckle, and managed to undo it, throwing it across the room. She couldn't, however, manage his pants. He moved off the bed, and undid them, kicking them into the corner. He smiled at her, "You're very beautiful," he murmured, before climbing back onto the bed, and carefully unbuttoning her jeans, before sliding them down her hips. He paused to gently stroke the soft skin of her outer thigh, which made her shiver in anticipation of his touch elsewhere.

Her panties were sopping wet now, the silk soaked through, and she trembled in want of him. He smiled, and threw her pants over to where his lay, before gently lowering his mouth to her stomach, kissing the smooth expanse before him with great care, as he moved lower, delving his tongue into her belly button. When she moaned, he smiled, a smile that promised of many more delights before the night was through. He moved lower, until his tongue hit the silk waistband of her panties. He lifted a hand and began to stroke her inner thigh gently, before moving his mouth lower, over her silk covered sex, where he massaged gently with his tongue, causing friction with her panties.

She almost jumped off the bed at the electricity that flooded through her. He carefully pulled her underwear off, and returned his mouth to her, swirling his tongue around her clit, until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Please," she begged him. "Please!" She didn't really know what she was begging him for, just a release of this storm of tension that was brewing in her body. He smiled, and kissed up her body, until he reached her lips. When he kissed her, she could taste herself on him, and she liked it. In invitation, she spread her legs slightly, and he moved so that his tip was barely in her. He was teasing her, and loving it. She moaned loudly, and reached behind her, gripping onto the bars of the headboard, fighting for anything to keep herself grounded.

He thrusted into her gently, and reared back in shock when she cried out in pain. "Ainsley," he whispered hoarsly. She said nothing, but tears slid down her face. "Baby," he whispered again, kissing the tears away, then lowering his mouth to hers in an achingly tender kiss, before he slowly moved into her more, trying to be as gentle as possible. He began to thrust gently, and smiled as her hips caught the natural rythym of it.

"That's right," he whispered reassuringly.

"What's happening?" She cried, in between moans, as her body began to explode from the inside out.

"Go with it," he groaned. "Go with it."

As she tightened around him, he could control himself no longer, and exploded into her, shooting his hot liquids inside her. She cried out again, and he gently slid out of her, then collapsed on the bed beside her.

"Sam...." she whispered, reaching out to him. He drew her close to him, sighing slightly as he stroked her hair. "Why didn't you tell me, Ainsley?" He asked softly. She shrugged.

"I didn't think it mattered...." she whispered.

"I would have been more careful, is all," he murmured. "Are you okay?"

"I'm wonderful," she sighed, laying her head on his chest, and closing her eyes.

"Okay," he said quietly. "Go to sleep, baby. Just rest."

"I never knew... that it could be like that...." she murmured.

"Sssh, I wouldn't use my energy for talking, if I were you."

"Oh," she murmured, blushing a bright crimson in the dark.

"How old are you, Ainsley?"


"And why did you wait so long? And why me?"

"Because... no one ever made me want to."

"Okay," he whispered, kissing the top of her head. She sighed again, and relaxed against him, falling asleep. He held her close, until about 530, when he slipped out of bed to go take a shower. He couldn't believe that they had done that. Well, he could. The relaxed state of his muscles told him *exactly* what they had done. He climbed into the shower, and bowed his head as the hot water hit his muscles. Sam closed his eyes, and the tears came. His dad had betrayed him. . . Much like he had betrayed Ainsley, taking her innocence from her. His shoulders shook, and his cries were soft.

He heard the shower curtain open and shut as she joined him, standing behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Sam?" She asked quietly, laying her head against his back. He turned, and hugged her tightly, sobbing harshly into her shoulder. She didn't know what to do, didn't know what was wrong, so she just held him tightly, crying herself, for the obvious pain he was in. She just held him, whispering softly, words of comfort.


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