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denotes Josh/Donna stories with a strong Sam/Ainsley presence.
denotes general category stories with a strong Sam/Ainsley presence.

38 Hours to Fall In Love
by Lia
Sometimes it takes only little time to fall in love. 32k


by Puck and Zillah
"I'll tell you one thing, Sam. No woman calls up her ex fiance on a whim. Not without something on her mind." 56k NC-17

by Robyn H.
A short story about the musings of a WW staffer. 8k

by Allison
Sam and Ainsley come out, so to speak. Haven Series: 11 16k

All Things Being Equal
by Trish
Other scenes from 17 People. 12k

All Things Rare
by Puck
In this tale the damsel isn't necessarily in distress. 20k

And One Fine Morning
by Puck and Zillah
A smut PWP taking place immediatly after the end of Soft Places. 12k NC-17

Another Detour
by Allison
Sam and Ainsley have a very long conversation. Haven Series: 2 28k

Attack of the Killer Muffins
by Puck
"We're being attacked by man eating muffins." 20k

Attack of the Mutant Bunnies
by Puck
"You liked the Secret of NIHM as a child, didn't you, Puck?" 20k


A Barren Superfluity of Words
by Puck and Zillah
"I'm tired of fighting with you." Where's Ainsley Series: 4 28 NC-17

Bicoastal Bickering
by Elizabeth
We met Ainsley's perfect family -- here's Sam's highly disfunctional one. Sequel to Bipartisan Banter. 24k

Bipartisan Banter
by Elizabeth
Sam escorts Ainsley to a family reunion. 56k

Bipartisan Relations
by Jori
Can Sam and Ainsley put their differences aside for one night? Probably . . . NC-17 Off-Site Link

Blame It on the Bossa Nova
by Kristi
Sam's POV during 'Bartlet's Third State of the Union'. 8k

Born Leaders and Anomalies
by Puck and Zillah
"Sam, it was one thing to ignore the UN thing, but this, what I'm doing right now? This is important." Post ep for 'Night 5' Where's Ainsley? Series: 3 20k

by Puck and Zillah
A little beach, a lot of sex... good vacation fun. Part of the Down the Shore duet. 24k NC-17

By Grace of Mind and Art
by Puck and Zillah
"You had a *very* good day." Where's Ainsley: 7 40k NC-17


Carolina in My Mind
by Dallas Thompson
A summary would spoil everything, now wouldn't it? 8k

Category A
by Abbie
"I don't know whether I want it to be like that." Post-ep for Night 5. NC-17 52k

by Allison
A (probably AU) view of what might happen after "the announcement." 52k

Clutching at Things
by Lynn Jepsen
News of President Bartlet's MS leaves Josh and Sam reeling. They turn to those around them, only to realize, they're falling farther and farther all the time. Fallen Series: 2 NC-17 Off-Site Link

Come Back to Bed
by Elizabeth
When things don't go as planned... An answer to the State of the Union Awkward challenge. R 16k

by Tracy
After orchestrating Ainsley's disastrous first meeting with the President, Sam tries to make it up to her and ends up doing a whole lot more. NC-17 28k

by Allison
As the Senior Staff prepares for the fall-out from the press conference, Sam brings in another head. 52k

Cookies and a Warm Embrace
by Ginny K.
Ainsley helps get Sam through the events in Two Cathedrals. 28k


Dancing Lessons
by Puck and Zillah
"It's been a year since the first time you asked me to dance." Where's Ainsley Series: 2 28 NC-17

The Day Before
by Astrid
Family, Friends, TV, Turkey, & Snow Storms, or: Stuff It, You Turkey Basted Yam! 44k

Deep Blue
by Puck and Zillah
"You only get so many chances/You can't afford to miss the boat" 32k NC-17

Delightful Burdens
by Puck and Zillah
A wedding, a baby, many mixed drinks, and Sam. What could possibly go wrong? Part of the Namesakes series (go to the bottom of the page). Off-site link NC-17

by MelWil
Ainsley from Sam's POV. A companion to Thoughts of Confusion 8k

Deserted Island
by Puck and Zillah
"I want my wife to be my deserted island person." 48k NC-17

by Punk
She may have seen a peach there, and later he would watch her eat it. 20k

Didn't Fool Anyone
by MelWil
It's time for Sam and Ainsley to make a decision. 20k

by Lisa Verson
The cause of Sam's writer's block is close to home ('The Portland Trip' challenge response). 16k

Divine Interference
by Lia
After the exhausting day, Sam seeks comfort from the one person he knows can help. But he never expected what was made that night. Set after SGtE, SGtJ. 20k

Diving to Be Deeper
by Allison
Sam and Ainsley hit a bigger test. Haven Series: 6 16k

The Double Date
by Gwen Hunter
Josh & Sam decide to tag along on Donna & Ainsley's double date -- without being invited! 32k

Down Home
by Allison
CJ takes care of the press while Ainsley handles a bigger problem -- her parents. Haven Series: 15 20k


An Evening in the Basement
by Lisa Verson
Sam and Ainsley are stuck in the basement during a thunderstorm. 20k

An Evening to Remember
by Elizabeth
Sam and Ainsley attend a gala. 20k


by Elizabeth
Payback's fallout 20k

Favorable Wind
by Puck and Zillah
A simple plan to take a sail doesn't work out quite like they'd intended... Answer to the State of the Union December Challenge. 16k NC-17

A Few Whispered Words
by Robyn H.
Sam and Ainsley reflect on past events. Should I? Series: 3 8k

by Robyn H.
Companion piece to Noticing, Ainsley's POV. Finally Series: 2 8k

Finally -- The Kiss
by Robyn H.
What happens after Sam notices.... Finally Series: 3 8k

First Step
by Dallas Thompson
Sequel to Garden of Memories. 8k

by Allison
An unexpected attack brings everything back.... 20k

For Their Looks
by Robyn H.
Two White House couples muse on each other. Should I? Series: 2 8k

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