Come Back to Bed

by Elizabeth

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"Come back to bed, Sam," Ainsley whispered softly.

He stood staring out the window and dryly replied, "Under the circumstances those are five words I never thought I'd hear you say again." Sam couldn't believe what had just happened. He was mortified. Five minutes ago he'd managed to squeak out a "God, No, not yet!" and whispered an apology before leaving her in the bed high and dry. Hardly a magical first time together. He couldn't face her.

"Oh Sam. . ." Ainsley muttered as she slid off the bed and went to stand behind him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she placed a butterfly kiss in the middle of his back and rested her head against him. "Sam, would you please relax. It's no big deal."

Sam grimaced at her choice of words. He pulled away from her and reached for his boxers. His rejection scared her. If he just got dressed and left her they might not be able to get past this. And she wanted to get past it. She grabbed his shirt and slid it over her shoulders doing up the middle button. The shirt tails reached past her bottom so modesty was satisfied. For now.

"We have to talk about this, Sam."

"What's there to say, Ainsley, other than sorry? And I said that. Pass me my shirt."

"You don't have to leave and an apology isn't necessary!" She was getting angry and that wouldn't help. Ainsley took a cleansing breath. "Sam, please," she scooped up his pants holding them behind her back, "you can have these back in five minutes. Be reasonable for a second, the White House can't afford another scandal right now! If you leave without these, a photographer is going to catch you leaving a Republican Woman's apartment in your shorts. Do you really want that?"

He smiled slightly. "I can see the post headline, Seaborn loses at strip poker."

She sighed, "well the pic would do wonders for the Post's Circulation, but I don't think even the doctors at GW could put the pieces of you back together once CJ catches up to you."

He sighed deeply shaking his head. "Talk this through to serve my country?"

"Living room, NOW!!"

Sam stared at her silently for a moment. Then another. She would have described the look on his face as impotent but that would not be a good choice of words right now. Helpless, that was better. He looked so helpless.

"Give me five minutes," she whispered very gently, "just give me five minutes, well maybe ten and then if you still want to take your clothes and leave, we'll go back to being friends and never speak of tonight again as long as we live, okay?"

He nodded and followed her to the living room. She held out her hand and he joined her on the couch. "There were two of us in that bed Sam, and um. . .it's not like you didn't try to. . . you did try to warn me you were. . . close."

"Ainsley, please, it's not just a matter of macho pride with me, okay? I've never. . . you know, before my partner was ready and usually not until she'd already been there. It's not just a joke to me, guys who. . . before she. . . It's just it's. . . the ultimate in. . .inconsiderate."

"I know you're not inconsiderate, Sam. I've known that about you for months - since we first met. You've proven a thousand times how generous and considerate you are. It's one of the things I find most adorable actually." She took a deep breath and willed her hands to stop shaking. " And just now. . . I wasn't listening to you very well. I didn't get what you meant when you said it had been a while. . . and. . . I thought you weren't as. . . close. . . as you must have been. I read the Stop sign as a. . . I don't want to yield any more sign. I should have let up a bit and given you a chance to reciprocate. But," she put a hand on the side of his face and forced him to meet her eye, "I had never seen anything more. . . more erotic, than the look of you - you were so. . .ugh. . ." She turned her eyes away for a moment then continued bravely, "the sight of you spread out like that obviously enjoying the attention I was paying to you. . . that was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen." She continued very fast now before she lost her nerve. "I wanted to make it last. To spin you out, push you further than anyone else had before, to make it even more special for you." She chuckled and then took a stab at the verbal lunge and parry game they usually played together. "And, okay, I admit, it was a bit of a control thing. I mean Sam, it's not like I don't try to push you around at work or anything, right?"

He started to smile.

"I was enjoying the fact that I was giving you pleasure." It was her turn to look away slightly embarrassed by what she was about to say. "I'd never pleased a man like that before, I was acting on instinct and well, I liked it."

"You're kidding!" he said incredulously. It was his turn to pull her back to face him. "Ainsley, trust me. You have very good instincts." He brought her right hand to his lips and kissed it. "And incredible hands," he placed a butterfly kiss on her lips, "and an exceptionally talented mouth and that tongue." He kissed her deeply then. She wrapped her arms around his neck and responded to the kiss enthusiastically.

She'd said everything right and he was okay now. "Maybe we can still salvage this," he thought to himself. He nuzzled into her neck and began nibbling on her earlobe. As he kissed his way back to her face he realized there were tears in her eyes. "Honey?" he said softly, "what else is going on here?" Sam could tell she was relieved that he understood she wasn't disappointed by his premature finish. But it wasn't just relief that she'd massaged his ego. Something else was going on here.

"I was worried that maybe, well, maybe you thought I wasn't able to. . . "


"Sam, let's forget it okay." She tried to force a smile but he wouldn't buy it.

"No, let's not forget it. What were you afraid I was thinking?"

"I couldn't. . . well enjoy it. With anybody"


"Sam. . ."

"You're worried that I'd think YOU'RE frigid?" Then he caught on. "You thought I was leaving because I was finished and you weren't special enough for me to want to stay?" The whole concept was ridiculous to him but obviously it bothered her. "My God, why would you think that?" At the look on her face he realized that once upon a time somebody had told her precisely that. "The sonovabitch!!"

"It was a long time ago. In law school, I mean we weren't together all that long - just for a few weeks. He was my first lover and well, I never reached a climax no matter what we did. After the second or third time we tried, he got angry and frustrated and then it became kind of an obsession with him. It was all we ever did or talked about. I broke it off eventually and well, it's not like there's been anybody since then. Well I was afraid maybe he was right and well, It doesn't matter now." She looked away wishing he would just kiss her again and they could go back to bed.

"Like hell it doesn't matter. Ainsley. . . he's an asshole and he was wrong." He pulled her into his arms and held her close.

"Sam, you're really very sweet but don't you think the fact that what I liked just now was controlling your pleasure. . . don't you think it means something? Maybe I am the tight ass, control freak, that people say I am?"

"That's it. That is by far the stupidest thing I have ever heard." Sam scooped her up and carried her back down the hall and spread her wide in the middle of the bed. Her, well his, shirt was gone in a nano second. "Would a frigid woman let me do this?" He took her right nipple into his mouth and tugged gently with his teeth. He licked the bite away with the warmth of his tongue. She gasped as his hand found her left breast and stroked it to a matching peak. "Answer me. . ." he encouraged softly. "Tell me Ainsley, do you like this?" He kept stroking and licking her.

"Yes, oh God, Sam, yes." He could feel her hips arching up to rub against his thigh and he felt a familiar tingle in his groin area. But, this was about more than proving a point to himself. This wasn't about massaging his ego any more. This was about hers too.

Sam caressed her cheek. "Let's agree that we had a false start earlier. After all a marathon is much more of a challenge than a sprint? And we both love a challenge." He kissed her lips, then her throat and made his way back to each breast. "Invite me back to bed again, Ainsley? For your own sake as well as mine."

"Come back to bed, Sam?" she whispered softly. "Come back to bed."

The End.

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