Who Am I Kidding?

by Mary

Disclaimer: If I owned it I wouldn't be writing fan fiction...
Classification: The West Wing - Ainsley
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Bartlet's Third State of the Union
Distribution: Any list archive can have it... Anyone else just ask...
Author's Notes: Ainsley's POV

Oh my God.

I am mortified.

No. That word isn't strong enough.

I am something that is far beyond mortified.

I just met the President. The President just came down to my office. I just met the President wearing a bathrobe. I just met the President wearing a bathrobe and trying to get one of his senior staff members to dance with me. I think the President called me a sex kitten.

I can never talk to anyone I know ever again.

I've been working in the White House for a few months and everyday someone I know calls and asks if I have met the President yet and I tell them no and explain that the White House is a big place and we just don't go to the same places. Now what am I supposed to tell them?

Yes I have met the President. What happened you ask? Well, I was on an adrenaline high having a little drink while wearing a bathrobe in my office because I sat in some wet paint and Sam Seaborn...Yes, The Deputy Communications Sam Seaborn...had come to talk to me and I was trying to get him to dance to the Bossanova with me and the President came in and said I was doing a good job and I wasn't just hired because I was a sex kitten.

Nope. Can't tell that to anyone. My mom and dad would die. Literally fall over dead. I don't even think they would get past the whole being in a bathrobe in the White House, let alone meeting the President while trying to seduce Sam.

But I wasn't trying to seduce Sam, but only I know that. Well, maybe he knows that or maybe he doesn't. Maybe I was. He is kind of cute, but that is off topic. I just humiliated myself in front of The President of the United States.

At least I can hide in my office. Except now, with my luck, I'll actually be moved up into the West Wing and have to see the President everyday pr something. What if he tells someone? What if he tells Leo? What if Sam tells someone? I mean, it probably would be a good story for him. The cute, blond Republican throwing herself at him in a bathrobe would make him sound good.

My career is over.

Maybe they won't say anything. Maybe it was all a bad dream. I'll wake up and everything will be fine.

Who am I kidding?


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