And One Fine Morning

by Puck and Zillah

Disclaimers: Not mine. Not Zillahs. It saddens us but we accept it.
Spoilers: Not really but it does exist in our AU, immediately after the ending of Soft Places. So, that, and Namesakes and TWW up to Two Cathedrals.
Notes: This is total Pink Squirrel inspired S/A PWP. Hey, we're at the shore, we can't write serious stuff. But random smut, that's all good.

Ainsley stretched as she started to wake and was disconcerted when she realized she wasn't encountering a big, warm body next to hers. She cracked an eye open to reaffirm her suspicions. Sam was no longer in their warm little cocoon.

She lifted her head, hair a blonde tangle, and spotted him sitting on the floor a few feet from the bed. She frowned. "Sam?"


She rolled to the edge of the bed to look at him better. "Whatcha doing'?"

"Yoga." He shifted positions.

She watched him stretch one leg out in front of him, the other still tucked up close, foot flat against his thigh. He held that a moment, then stretched both legs in front of him, slowly bending forward. "I didn't know you did yoga."

"It's relaxing."

She tilted her head. "Do you always do it naked?"

"Yes. Clothes are confining."

"I see." She climbed off the bed as he leaned back to lie flat on the floor. She took a seat next to him as he started to lift his legs slowly, keeping them tight together and straight as boards. Ainsley settled herself next to him and mimicked his motions.

He glanced at her. "Are you mocking me?"

"No. I've always wanted to learn yoga but I never had the time to take any classes. I think I need a way to relax."

"Yeah. You do."

She frowned at him. "Hey."

"Lift your arms up like this." He demonstrated.

She lifted her arms straight off the floor and let them draw her upped body up with them, drawing her body into a "v." She could feel the muscles in her back stretch.

"Feels good, huh?"

She nodded, relaxing back onto the floor as he did. He rolled onto his stomach and she did the same. He showed her how to flatten her palms on the floor and use their leverage to push her upper body up and back, arching her spine and thrusting her chest out. He watched her appreciatively, forgetting about the yoga for a moment. She glanced over to see if she was doing it right and saw how he was looking at her. She grinned a little, body responding. He dipped his head and kissed her shoulder. She lowered her head a little and her mouth caught his when he raised his head.

He braced on one arm so he could cup the nape of her neck with his free hand. She leaned toward him, going on her elbow. "So, I guess this would make you more flexible, huh?" she murmured finally.

"A bit, yes." He rolled onto his side. "I do believe the yoga lesson is done for today."

She leaned over him. "We were distracted." She licked his lower lip. "Actually, you were distracted. I was a good student."

"You were an excellent student. And I'd love to continue, but doing this stuff with an erection is pretty uncomfortable. So really, it's all your fault."

She leaned her breasts on his chest. "I'm too sexy for my own good."

"Mmm, but you taste good." He kissed her again.

"Like syrup?" she murmured, moving her hands over him.

"Like Ainsley."

She dropped a kiss on his chest, nudging him flat on his back. "I bet I taste sweet." Her teeth scraped his skin.

"Little sweet, little salty." He grinned. "A little tart. And for some reason. . .faintly like fried chicken."

She looked up the length of his body at him. "Was that a veiled Southern joke? Because I'm going to have to punish you if it was."

"You're hot as hell when you get angry."

Her eyes twinkled with something devilish and she bit the soft skin beneath his navel gently. It got her an audible gasp in return. She grinned. "Do you think four times in ten hours is a record of some sort?" She nibbled a line down one hip bone.

³Considering I'm thirty six, possibly.²

She bite, then sucked, on the inside of his thigh. "Decrepit old man. What am I doing with you?"

"Exactly what you're doing now. Though you could move a little higher and I wouldn't complain."

"Who's in charge here?" She lay on her stomach between his thighs, looking quite comfortable and content. She lifted a hand and ran a finger tip over the broad head of his shaft, back and forth, back and forth, idly.

He shuddered. "You?" It was a strangely squeaky sound.

She smiled. "Yes." The finger moved and she drew the very tip of her nail ever so lightly down the ridge on the underside of him. "You know, I've never really taken the time to study one of these up close. I really should. Since it's very important to me. This one, anyway."

"Does it have to be now?" He growled.

"I'm very curious, Sam. I have a yen to learn." She licked the tip of her finger and played with him again.

"And I have a yen to do a lot of things right now. None of which involve learning."

"I have a yen for something else too." Before he could respond she moved, bizarrely snake like, and took him in her mouth, deep throating him in one motion.

His hips came off the floor. "Jesus."

She pulled back. "No. . . I don't have a yen for religion at the moment." She licked him, letting her tongue wander everywhere. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back. She had a nimble little tongue. Probably from all that eating. Or the talking.

Her mouth closed around him again and she braced herself over him, moving up and down a few times, then releasing him to lick, then swallowing him whole again. "That feels amazing," he whispered. "Can I touch you now?"

She lifted her head and sighed, breath puffing over his wet flesh. "Okay," she whispered, crawling up him. She looked very sexy right then, blonde hair tousled around her face, mouth swollen from kisses and other things, eyes dark with need. He reached up, grabbing a lock of her hair and winding it gently around his fist. He tugged her down for a kiss.

Ainsley moaned into his mouth, settling so every part of her touched him. God, she wanted him. Maybe she was addicted. Four times in one night was definitely a record for her. One of his hands was wandering down her body, cupping a breast, smoothing over a hip, sliding between her legs. She moaned again, shivering as his fingertips found the perfect place. He did the most wonderful things to her. She opened her eyes, looking up into his. A grin spread across his face as he rolled her clit in gentle circles. "Feels good?"

"Amazing," she breathed. Her legs fell open wider. Really, he could do whatever he wanted right now, that would be fine.

He sank two fingers inside her. "Sit up," he said, his voice rasping a little. "I want to look at you."

She shifted, moving up and over him so her butt was on the floor between his legs again. Her legs splayed wide, hooked over his, so he could literally see everything. Her face was flushed, a damp sheen of sweat on her breasts. He sat up, too, bracing himself on his hands for a moment, before reached out and wrapping them over her thighs. He tugged her closer, until he could push himself into her, and they sat like two kids playing spider on a swing. She bit her lip and shuddered as he sank into her. She kissed his mouth, curving her hands over his shoulders. She rolled her hips, moving him inside her. He tried to match the motion with his own. It was slow going, slow sex. But God, it felt good.

They managed to settle into a rhythm, she rocked, he rocked, each motion different. Their hands roamed each other, exploring familiar terrain like it was brand new. Ainsley found a place on his ribs that made him groan when she stroked it and he touched a spot on her neck that made her tighten just a little more around him.

He brushed his thumbs across her nipples. "I'm going to learn all your spots, Ainsley," he whispered, so reverent it sounded like a different kind of promise.

She smiled and looked so delighted he was awed. "I'll give you lots of opportunities." She rocked on her turn and this time he felt a wavering in the motion, the recklessness of movement she got when she approached her peak. She knew it to. "Sam? Are you. . .? Because I think. . ."

"Yeah," he whispered. "Go ahead, honey."

She nodded, just a little and he felt the ripples move around him almost immediately, like she'd been waiting for his permission, not wanting to leave him behind. The climax was almost gentle, and as slow as the sex had been. She moved on him as she rode it out, eyes closed, completely lost in her own world. But he shared it with her, with every tiny spasm that drew at him, every arch of her back and all the little mewls that escaped her.

"God, you're beautiful," he gasped, and then she felt him come inside her.

"I love you," she whispered in his ear, sinking against him, holding him close. His arms came around her as he sank onto the floor.

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