Vacances d'Enfer

by Puck and Zillah

Rating: NC-17 eventually.
Spoilers: This takes place between Stirred and Enemies Foreign and Domestic. So anything before that.
Disclaimer: Anything found on The West Wing doesn't belong to us. Becky Lynn and Harlod Peterson, unfortunatly, do.
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Notes: Not only is this a May Challenge, it's the next story in the Where's Ainsley Series and the second story in the Vacations From Hell Trilogy though it doesn't happen in the same universe as Vacation From Bulu. We're like multi tasking.

Ainsley started packing up her paperwork. She needed to get out of the office . It was so sunny and warm outside. It was not a day to be inside.

Sam appeared in her doorway. "Hi."

She beamed at him. "I'm playing hooky. I think I have spring fever." She came over. "Wanna come?"

"I have a better idea."

"Sam, my office has windows now and I don't think Toby will let us in his anymore."

"I'm going to make up for Hilton Head."

She grinned. "Really?"

"Yes. Have you ever been on a cruise."

"No, I never have."

"Well, see, I have these tickets. . ."

"Yes," she said immediately.

"And since I've got them and all I thought. . ."

She threw her arms around him. "Yes, yes, yes."

"If you're not too busy."

"Never too busy for you."

"You can get the time off?"

"I'll fake a surgery if I have to."

He kissed her. "Perfect."

"When do we go?"

"Next week."

"I'll have to go shopping. I have no cruise wear."

"I'd be happy to stay naked the entire time."

"Aww, I was hoping you'd come. I could give you a bathing suit fashion show."

"Oh, I like that."

"I thought you might."

"It's a week in the French Caribbean."

She made a purring noise she'd previously reserved solely for sex. "I do have to go shopping."

"I've got a few things to take care of before I go."

"I'll wait."

He kissed her brow and went to his office.

She hummed happily to herself and took a seat, making a list of things she'd need.

* * *

Sam watched Ainsley drag a suitcase approximately two-thirds her size down the steps of her apartment building. She waved and the bag wobbled and toppled, falling the last couple of steps. She frowned at it and righted it, proceeding to drag it towards the taxi.

Sam climbed out of the cab to help her.

"I've almost got it," she proclaimed, throwing her weight back in an attempt to get it over a chink in the walkway.

He rolled his eyes and lifted it in one hand.

She frowned at the bag, then at him, then muttered something about testosterone and adjusted her purse on her arm.

He tossed her suitcase in the trunk of the cab.

"Thank you," she said sweetly.

He kissed her cheek. "I can't wait to get out of here."

"Me too." She settled into the cab. "I've been dreaming about lying on a lounge chair on the deck of a cruise ship."

"Did you pack sunblock?"

"Of course."

"Cause you can get burned very easy that close to the equator."

"I brought block, Sam."


She leaned her head on his shoulder. "We'll have a great time."

He kissed her ear. "Even if we never leave the cabin."

"Especially then."

"Complete privacy, Ainsley. Far away from the world."

"On the middle of the ocean."

* * *

The flew from DC to Miami, where they boarded the ship.

Ainsley looked around their stateroom in wonder. "This is amazing. I don't believe this."

"This is the best room I could get."

"It's wonderful."

He put their bags down. "They said there's a binder on the desk with everything that goes on each day."

She went over and sat at the desk, opening the thick binder. "Wow."


"There's so much stuff to do."

He peered over her shoulder. "They're always serving food."

"There's breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and after dinner dessert."

"My God."

She was beaming. "This is the best cruise."

"Because of the food?"

"So far."

"What do you say we go explore?"

She bounced to her feet. "I'm for that."

He slid his hand into hers. "You're glowing."

"Vacation does that to me."

"So do buffets," he said with a grin.

"I thought you found my healthy appetite sexy."

"I do."

She kissed him. "Let's go exploring."

This ship had about a million decks. It was easy to get lost. There was nine places to eat, a fact which made Ainsley glow all the more. There was also an atrium, an aerobics and fitness center, beauty salon, spa, two pools, a basketball and volleyball court, driving cage, batting cage, and much, much more. Ainsley, for the first time since he'd met her, was stunned.

"You need a cold shower?" he joked.

"I'd rather have you."

"After we throw confetti off the rails."

"Very well."

He slid his hand into hers.

They went out to the deck together. A member of the cruise staff handed them confetti and streamers and they went to the rail, waving at all the people they didn't know.

He laughed. "To hell with this."

"Can we go back to the room?"

"I think that would be good."

She grinned and started dragging him towards the stairs.

Unfortunately, they went by one of the restaurants on their way back to the room.

She screeched to a halt. "Welcome barbecue?"

"Ainsley. . ."

"They have a whole pig."

He sighed. "Okay."

She squeaked and darted into the room.

He rubbed the back of his neck, following her.

She grabbed a plate and started piling it with food, glowing again. She had two heaping plates when she was done and took a seat at a table.

He had one plate when he sat beside her.

She beamed at him. "I love this place."

A woman beside Ainsley suddenly turned. "You're from the South."

She smiled. "How could you tell?"

"Your voice, silly." The woman herself had a copious accent. "I'm Becky Lynn Peterson and this is my husband Harold, we're from Mobil, Alabama and this is our first cruise."

"I'm Ainsley Hayes, from Raleigh, North Carolina. And this is my boy friend Sam Seaborn. He's not from the South," she added conspiratorially.

"I'm sorry," Becky Lynn said.

"I like him anyway."

"Are y'all looking forward to the cruise?"

"I'm thrilled. It's my first, too. But Sam sails all the time."

"Oh, isn't that nice."

Ainsley beamed. "So is this a second honeymoon or just a vacation?"

"Just a vacation."

"That's nice. Us, too."

"So what do y'all do for a living?"

She glanced at Sam. "We're lawyers," they said in unison

"Did you hear that, Harold? They're lawyers."

"I heard."

"Harold sells cars. I'm a homemaker."

Ainsley had no idea what to say to that. "Any children?"

"Oh, yes. We have four." God help them, she was taking out pictures.

Ainsley cooed over them and started getting a glazed over expression in her eyes that truly worried Sam.

"I'm so happy we met you!" Becky Lynn gushed. "It's always good to have another couple to do things with. It makes it that much more fun."

"And there certainly is a lot to do here."

"All the tours and the activities. It's going to be so much fun."

"I'm looking forward to getting some sun, too."

"They're giving dance lessons on the Siesta deck after the barbecue, you should come with us."

She looked at Sam. "Do you know how to dance?"

"No, but--"

"Well, that's wonderful," Becky Lynn said. "We'll all go up together."

He squeezed Ainsley's knee under the table.

"That's really sweet Becky Lynn but we had a long flight and we were going to-"

"Oh you can sleep at night. Just come up for an hour or so and meet some people."

Ainsley gave Sam a look that said she didn't know how to say no to this woman.

Sam gave her a small glare.

The looked changed to apologetic.

He sighed and went back to his food.

Ainsley and Becky Lynn continued talking the entire meal.

After the meal-- after Ainsley's *third* helping-- they went up for dance lessons. Sam was momentarily gratified that Harold looked as bored as he felt.

The instructor gave some examples and they partnered off. Ainsley snuggled into Sam's arms. "We'll just dance a little and when she's distracted we can sneak away.

"We'd better. Watching you dance around is driving me crazy."

She beamed, kissing his throat. "Me, too."

"You better be serious about that."

They were trying to sneak away from the dancing lessons when Becky Lynn caught them. "You're not going so soon."

"We had a long flight down," Ainsley said, backing Sam up. "We're exhausted."

"But dinner in half an hour."

"We're gonna try to take a nap before then."

"Nonsense! We have to get a good seat for dinner."

"Aren't seats assigned?" she said weakly.

"Of course not. Besides, you can't sleep your cruise away."

Ainsley looked up at Sam for help.

"I really don't feel well," Sam said.

"Oh, well, then you go lay down. Ainsley and I will entertain ourselves."

"I should go, too, I need a shower and I'd like to change before-"

"Oh, nonsense, you look lovely." Becky Lynn took her arm in a freakishly strong grip. "Come now, you let him rest in peace and we'll stake out a nice table. We'll see you later Sam." She dragged Ainsley away.

His mouth opened and closed. How had this just gotten *worse*?

When he arrived at dinner Ainsley was sitting with Becky Lynn and Harold and another couple, chin propped in her hand, listening to some story Becky Lynn was telling. When she spotted Sam she leapt to her feet and threw herself at him. "Feeling better?"

"You abandoned me."

"If you think I've been having *fun-*"

"Why can't you stand up to her?"

"She won't take no for an answer. It's like she doesn't hear it or something."

"Okay. It's just dinner. Then we can go back to the room."


"Did you two hear about the post dinner cocktail hour?" Becky Lynn squeaked. "It sounds wonderful."

Sam put his hand over his eyes.

"We really need to sleep," Ainsley said weakly.

"Sam just napped. And you look just fine. You're young yet. Gotta make the most of this."

"Yeah," she muttered, propping her chin again.

Sam sighed, giving up, rubbing her back absently.

Becky Lynn chatted incessantly all night. Ainsley found herself rather fascinated by Harold's expression. It never changed, no matter what was going on around him. It seemed frozen in this bizarre combination of boredom, feigned interest and desperation. He said nothing, occasionally nodding or shaking his head when his wife prompted him with something. It was a sight to be seen.

They, of course, got dragged to the cocktail hour, which lasted not one hour but three. It was well after midnight when Becky Lynn let them leave and Ainsley could barely focus her eyes.

Sam slid an arm around her shoulders. "Are you as tired as I am."

"More," she murmured.

"We'll have plenty of time in the morning."

"Mmhmm. We can sleep in."

"And make love all morning."

"Now that's a vacation I was hoping for."

They got to the cabin and he unlocked the door.

She stumbled in, shedding clothes as she headed to the bed.

He climbed in behind her, and was asleep before he hit the pillow. ***** Ainsley awoke to Sam nuzzling at her neck. She hummed in pleasure, rolling into his arms. "Morning."

He kissed her. "Hi."

She smiled. "Whole new day."

He sucked her earlobe into his mouth. "All alone."

"In a nice big bed."

There was knocking on the door.

"Ignore it," she murmured. "It's probably a porter."

"Sam, Ainsley, rise and shine."

"Oh, God in heaven."

Sam sat up. "How did they find us?"

"I swear I didn't tell her."

The knocked again. "Come on, now, don't sleep the day away. Breakfast is in five minutes."

"We'll meet you there!" Ainsley called.

"We'll wait, we can walk together."

"That's okay. Get us a good table."

"Nonsense." They banged on the door again.

Ainsley looked at Sam. "I don't think they're going away," she whispered.


"Maybe we can escape after breakfast."

He sighed and climbed out of bed.

She followed, pulling on clothes.

They were on the other side of the door when Sam opened it. "Good morning."

Becky Lynn beamed. "There you are. Thought you two were going to sleep all day."

"It's seven AM."

"But there's so much to do! And I know Ainsley didn't want to miss breakfast."

Sam rubbed his eyes and walked past them into the hall.

Ainsley followed, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. "Morning Becky Lynn."

"Have you seen today's itinerary? There's so much to do!"

"I was planning on taking it easy today."

"You can't miss out on the activities. What's the point of even being here?"


"If you wanted to relax, why pay all this money? You could have just gone to the beach."

"I'll have to remember that next time."

She heard Sam make a derisive noise.

She tossed him a glare.

Becky Lynn chattered through breakfast. Sam sulked.

After they were done Becky Lynn darted off to say hi to someone she knew and Ainsley started dragging Sam away. "Would you stop looking at me like this is my fault?

"Just tell her no."

"I *try* you've heard her. She doesn't hear it."

He gritted his teeth. "I'm just going to be rude next time."

"Good, maybe that will work."

Becky Lynn came back from her conversation. "Ainsley I have a surprise for you."

She sighed. "That's sweet but-"

"I booked us a day at the spa. Massages, facials, manicure and pedicure. An all day event."

Sam opened his mouth to be rude and Ainsley grabbed his arm. "That sounds wonderful."

Sam stared at her. She shrugged. "Spa day," she whimpered.

"You said you really wanted to relax, but that cabin is so cramped. Today's activities aren't really that great, especially if you're tired."

"I haven't had a massage in ages," she said dreamily.

"What am I going to do today?" Sam asked.

"Do you like basketball? Harold used to play in high school and college and he rented the court. He's arranging a three on three game if you want to join him."

"Last time I played basketball I got my asked kicked by the President."

Ainsley looked at him pointedly. Harold frowned. "The president of what?"

Sam didn't miss a beat. "My boss. He's shorter than me too, but we like to let him win."

"Good idea. Come on, it'll be a good time. You don't have to let anyone win."

"All right."

"Great," Becky Lynn squealed. "We'll meet up with you boys at dinner." She kissed Harold's cheek. "Have fun."

Ainsley beamed at Sam. "Try to have fun."

"You too," he said faintly.

She kissed his mouth and went off with Becky Lynn.

The spa was actually a wonderful idea, because while she was there with Becky Lynn they really didn't have much opportunity to interact. She got a facial which made her glow, and a massage, which put her to sleep, and a manicure and pedicure that made her feel like a princess.

She danced into their room to change for dinner to find Sam stretched out on the bed. "How was your day?"

"I threw my back out."

"Did you try to dunk again?"

"I'm in pain. Don't mock me."

She pulled the desk chair over to the bedside. "Do you need anything?"

"Morphine might be nice."

She touched his cheek. "I left my supply at home."

"How was your spa day?"

"Very relaxing. Except for Becky Lynn's constant questions about when our wedding was."

"Are you kidding me?"

"Nope. She was very surprised we'd only dated a few months yet we're going on vacations together."

"Mmm, we have very busy jobs."

"That's what I told her. I explained we rarely get to see each other during the week because of our schedules so this was our opportunity for some alone time. Maybe the hint will sink in."

"That would be nice."

She slid her fingers into his hair and rubbed his scalp tenderly. "Seriously, is there anything you need? A back rub?"

"What you're doing now feels nice."

She kept rubbing gently, scraping the skin gently with her nails


She slid out of her chair to kneel on the floor beside the bed. She kissed him tenderly.

"I'm sorry about this."

"I'm sure you didn't throw your back out on purpose." She kissed the tip of his nose. "Did you win at least?"

"Harold went to college at Tennessee on a basketball scholarship."

"You can't catch a break, can you, darling?"

"No," he said, sounding like a pouty little boy for a moment.

"Would you like me to ravish you as you lie here immobile?"

"I'm in too much pain. But thank you."

Gingerly she crawled on the bed with him. "Some vacation, huh?"

"Well, at least there's no work."

"Mmm, there is that." She kissed his throat gently. "And it is nice to be together."

"Tomorrow, I promise."

"I think there's an island stop tomorrow afternoon. We could definitely ditch the Petersons on a crowded island."

"We could stay in."

"Mmm, but here's my dastardly plan. Their tour boat is in the late morning. Ours is in the early evening. We will be without them all day if we go."


"Thought you'd like that." She rested her head on his shoulder. "I can show off the island wear I bought."

"I will definitely be enjoying that."

"Me too."

He closed his eyes. "Maybe a little bit of a back rub would be nice."

"Can you roll over?"

He groaned and rolled onto his stomach.

She leaned over him, rubbing the knotted muscles gently.


She kissed the nape of his neck, digging just a little deeper.

"Thank you so much, that feels great."

"You rub mine when I'm crampy, it's only fair I return the favor."

"You have good hands."

"Two of my oft ignored but serviceable organs."

"I do not ignore them."

"No, you're very attentive to all my organs."

"Mmm, yes."

She moved to straddle him, sitting lightly on his butt to work on him at a better angle.

He closed his eyes again, and in the middle of her massage he fell asleep. She sighed and undressed, slipping into bed with him. She kissed him goodnight and drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Becky Lynn let them sleep in the next morning, too busy, Ainsley assumed, with her land trip. Sam's back was still twinging so they hung out by the pool until it was time to go ashore. Ainsley wore a slinky little blue dress that made Sam think of all the things he was going to do to her when they got back to the room.

Four hours later she was in their bathroom, hunched over the toilet and regretting being "adventurous" in her choice of dinner.

Sam was outside the door. "Do you want to go down to the infirmary?"

"No. It's just food poisoning."

"Anything I can do?"

She rested her cheek against the cool linoleum floor. "Um. There's a piece of cloth in my blue bag. Could you bring it for me?"

He got it and brought it in the bathroom. She took it and sniffed at it, then pressed it against her chest, curled in a little ball.

He sat beside her on the floor and stroked her hair.

She sighed. "Someone hates us."

"I'm beginning to realize this."

"All I wanted was a week away from the office to lay in the sun and have copious amounts of sex with you. But it appears I'm not allowed a vacation."

"I'm sorry."

She pressed her cloth to her face again and sighed. "I think it's safe to go to the bed now."

He scooped her up in his arms. She whimpered and leaned her head on his chest as he carried her to the bed and lay her down. "What do we have? Three more days?"

"Plenty of time."

"Yeah." She snuggled into the pillow, closing her eyes. "I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow."

He kissed her hair. "Yes."

She reached behind her to pat him lightly. "Night."

He slid his arms carefully around her. She sighed softly, sinking into him.

* * *

She woke up feeling weak and shaky. He brought her some juice and toast from the buffet which she nibbled on, before drifting off again. The sun was setting when she felt well enough to get up and get some air with him on the sun deck

"You feeling okay?"

She nodded. "The air is good for me."

"You want more crackers? Toast? Ginger ale?"

She smiled. "Kiss."

He grinned and kissed her gently.

"Ainsley! Sam! There y'all are."

They groaned in unison and turned to greet the Petersons. "Hello," Ainsley said weakly.

"Sam told me you were sick. Good to see you're feeling better."

"Just out to get some air."

"Will you be down for the buffet?"

"I'm not sure. Food is still iffy."

"How about the show tonight? I hear it's good."

"If I'm up to it."

"We haven't seen you it a while, It'll be fun."

She nodded. "We'll see."

The ship wide page came on. "Sam Seaborn, please report to the courtesy desk on deck C. Sam Seaborn to the courtesy desk."

He looked up. "What the hell?"

Ainsley slumped a little because she knew -- she *knew* -- this was going to interfere with any lovemaking she'd planned on having. She took his hand. "Come on."

The Petersons followed them.

The woman at the courtesy desk smiled when he introduced himself. "You have a phone call."

Sam blinked. "I thought we couldn't get calls."

"Not usually, no." She held out the phone. "It's the White House."

Sam sighed and took it. "What?"

"Tan yet?" Toby asked.


"Get comfy, there's a thing."

"I'm on a cruise."

"You work for the White House."

He sighed and looked up at the clerk. "I need to take this call in private."

The woman's smiled wilted a little. "We encourage our guests to keep their phone calls as brief as possible."

"It's my boss, we're having a problem at work."

"We prefer calls be limited to emergencies. They said it was an emergency."

"Lady, I work 20 yards from Oval Office, everything is an emergency. Can I have an office or do you want me to put you on the phone with the very unhappy White House Chief of Staff?"

Her eyes widened. "I'll transfer the call to the office phone."

"Thank you."

Ainsley touched his arm. "I'm going back to the room."

He nodded, and turned to mouth 'Sorry,' when he saw the Becky Lynn standing there with her mouth open.

"Y'all work in the White House? You said you were lawyers."

"We are."

"For the White House?"

"I am," Ainsley said. "Sam's the Deputy Communications officer, but he was a lawyer before that."

"That's neat."

"Yeah." She kissed Sam's cheek and headed back to the room.

Becky Lynn followed. "Well, there's no need for you to go back to that room all alone. We can entertain-"

Ainsley turned and looked at her. "No."

There must have been something in her face because Becky Lynn backed up immediately. Ainsley went the rest of the way to the room in peace.

Sam came back to the room three hours later.

She was curled up in bed, sleeping. He came over and looked down at her. She had that little piece of cloth in her hands again and looked very young. After a few minutes she stirred. "Sam?" she murmured in the thick, slurred voice that meant she was talking in her sleep.

He kissed her hair. "Shhh."

"Miss you."

"I'm here."

She sighed. "Okay."

He smiled and climbed into bed.

She cuddled up close to him immediately.

"Goodnight," he whispered.

She hummed happily, holding him tight. ***** Ainsley awoke, as usual, with Sam wrapped around her every inch. She nuzzled his neck until he reacted. "Hi. What time did you get in?"


"And I was asleep?"


"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I swear I talked to every person in the West wing. Everyone wanted to know how our trip was going."

"Did you tell them?"

"Josh. He laughed at me."

She kissed him. "I can understand that."

"Two more days."

"We'll have to put our backs into it to salvage this trip."

"We can start with killing Becky Lynn."

"Mmm, how shall we do it?"

"Beat her with chicken legs."

"You'd waste food like that?"

"It's a good cause."

"I suppose." She beamed. "Hey, I'm hungry again."

"So am I, let's go grab some food and then come back here."

"Good plan." She hopped out of bed.

He climbed up and threw on clothes.

They went to the buffet in a better mood then they'd been in days. He kept his arm around her at all opportunity.

They were on their way out, surprisingly unencumbered by Becky Lynn, when a couple they hadn't met before stopped them. "You're Sam Seaborn and Ainsley Hayes, the ones that work at the White House, right?"

Sam blinked. "Excuse me?"

"Oh God," Ainsley whispered.

"Becky Lynn's been telling everyone about you."


"Everyone's tickled we got celebrities on our ship."

"We're not celebrities."

"But you work with the president."

"Thirteen hundred people work in the White House."

"But you *know* him."

And so it went, the whole day. They got rid of one person and another was waiting to talk to them. Some were awestruck, some had political ideas they wanted to share and some were looking for fights.

Eventually, Becky Lynn and Harold found them.

Ainsley was fuming. "I don't believe you. Didn't it occur to you we kept our jobs a secret for a reason?"

She blinked. "What?"

"The entire ship knows we work in the White House. We haven't had a minute's peace all day. Did it occur to you that we don't get to escape? That this is all we get for a year and we didn't want to spend it debating policy."

"I'm. . .I'm sorry. We were just so impressed we actually knew someone who knew the president."

Sam was wondering if he was going to have to pull Ainsley away by force. "I wasn't yours to tell."

"I didn't think you'd be upset. Aren't you proud?"

"Three hundred and forty-eight days of the year, yes. I'm thrilled. I look forward to work every day. But this week--just for this one week--I wanted to be normal, with my normal boyfriend on a normal vacation." She ended in a strange hiccup and Sam knew she was about to cry.

"Since you leave us unable to wander the ship unmolested," Sam said. "Ainsley and I are going to stay in our cabin and have sex all day."

Becky Lynn's eyes got very wide and Harold started to laugh.

Sam took Ainsley's hand and pulled her away.

She was trembling. "I just had way too many emotions at once."

"It's okay."

"How many times can you have sex in thirty-six hours?"

"We'll find out, I think."

"I've always liked experiments."

He dipped his head and kissed her mouth.

She sighed and kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him.

"Mmm, let's get down to the room first."


They went down the stairs, like two teenagers sneaking out of the prom. They stumbled into the room and Sam closed the door by slamming her up against it, mouth latched on hers. She made an odd, moaning whimper and wrapped her arms around his neck, hanging onto him.

He kissed down her neck. "It's been too long."

"Way, way *way* too long." She dug her fingers into his hair going on tiptoe. She buried her face in the joint of his neck and shoulder. He hauled her tank top up, pulling back so he could get it over her head.

It went flying and he saw she wasn't wearing a bra. He didn't wonder if she'd been doing that all trip. It would drive him insane. Her fingers were in the waistband of his shorts. He unzipped her shorts and pushed them down. Patience later.

She stepped out of her shorts and shoved his down. She pressed her back tight to the door and readjusted her hands on his shoulders so she could support herself. "Now," she murmured.

He stroked his hand between her legs and found her wet. "Jesus."

She rocked forward, putting her weight on his hand with a mewl. He lifted her up, cupping her thighs in his hands, and pushed inside her. She let out a cry and murmured his name, settling herself on him.

He sighed, resting his forehead against the door for a moment.

Her mouth nuzzled his throat. "I missed the feel of you inside me," she whispered.

"Me too." He began to move slowly.

She shuddered, hanging onto him. Her ankles linked at the small of his back and she hitched herself higher, rocking as much as she could. He held her hips, slamming her back into the door. She grunted and dug her teeth into his shoulder. She felt the rapid build of pleasure inside her and moved against him to urge him on.

She heard him groan as his thrusts came faster. She whimpered and tossed her head back suddenly as she began to flutter around him. She leaned back on the door as the flutters turned to spasms and her body milked him.

He froze, the edges of his vision graying as she pulled him with her.

Ainsley let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. She was breathing hard. Her eyes cracked open and she smiled a very smug smile.

He kissed her mouth tenderly. She buried her fingers in his hair and returned the kiss, then dropped butterfly light kisses all over his face.

He carried her back to the bed.

They settled in under the covers and she stretched out half on top of him. She settled her head on his chest to listen to his heart beat. "I'm not sure if a break now and again might not be a good tradition. It certainly makes breaking it exciting."

"I'd like that."

She shifted her legs over so she was fully on top of him. "You're the best lover I've ever had."

He grinned. "Why thank you."

"I would have mentioned it sooner, but I wanted to have a broad spectrum of positions, times and places to judge from. And you are, far and away, the best."

"I'm not sure that most recent performance was worth a gold star."

"Oh, it ranked right up there."

"Really? It was fast and. . .against a door."

She kissed his mouth, sweeping her tongue over his lips. "I liked it." She did a little push up, holding herself above him. "But if you feel the urge to make up for it." She kissed his sternum. "I have no problem with that"

"Mmm, give me a few minutes."

She rested on him again. "Take your time." She kissed a nipple. "If only we could have spent the whole week this way."

"Would have been nice."

"When you think about how busy we are, we do manage to get in quite a bit of sex."

"You make time for what's important."

She touched the tip of her nose. "You're very important to me."

He stroked his fingers through her hair. "So are you."

She trailed the finger down his body, tripping over his ribs, down under the sheet. He groaned, closing his eyes. She cupped him in her hand, stroking gently.

He got hard very quickly. So much for needing time.

She nipped his skin. "You're quite young and virile."

"You should stop doing that."

"You seem to be enjoying it."

"It's supposed to be your turn."

"I do like how we get turns."

"Yes." He shifted suddenly, rolling her under him.

She smiled at him, sliding her hands up and around his waist. He kissed his way down her body. She wove her fingers into his hair as she let her legs fall open.

He kissed her clit, teasing her with his tongue. She moaned, then giggled as something tickled. She twisted in his grip. He held her hips still. She fought against his grip, letting pleasure build up.

He slid two fingers inside her.

She moaned again, her back arching like a bow. She relaxed again and started to tremble. "Yeah."

He crooked his fingers up to hit the right spot. She whimpered and he felt the fluttering begin again. She let out a cry and came.

Sam lifted his head and grinned triumphantly.

She looked at him, a feline smile on her face. He leaned up and kissed her mouth.

She sighed. "My turn was nice."

"You're welcome."

She slid her legs around him slowly. "You're good to me."

He pushed inside her again.

She shuddered and kissed him, cupping his face. "Slow this time," she murmured.


She smiled, letting her eyes drift shut as they began to move slowly together. She moved her hips with his, keeping them together. It was slow and sultry. The pleasure built deep inside her.

He lifted one of her legs higher. She made a soft sound, shifting with him. It hit different parts, eliciting a moan. She clutched at him tighter, pleasure arching higher.

"Ainsley," he whispered.

"I'm here." She pushed her hips up. "I'm close."

"I can feel it."

She kissed his mouth softly, but had to release it to breath. "Sam," she whispered. She pushed up again and pleasure began to bubble over. "Sam. Sam. Sam!" The last was a shout as bright lights flared behind her eyes and she felt as if she were flying.

He groaned, pushing deep into her as he came with her. She lay trembling in his arms as the room returned. She kissed his throat with a sigh.

He rolled off her, taking a few deep breaths.

She looked up at the ceiling for a few minutes, letting the last of the tremors move through her. She sucked in a sharp breath as an aftershock tightened her now sore muscles. She moaned softly and rolled towards him, unable to not touch him.

"Mmm, hi."

"How you doin'?" she murmured.


"Me too."

"I'm glad we're here."

"Naked and intertwined or on a boat?"

"Naked and intertwined on a boat."

"It occurs to me we could have just taken yours out and had a much better time."

"There wouldn't be as much food."

"I could eat you."

He chuckled. "And what about day two?"

She made a noise and bit his shoulder playfully. He laughed and reached over to find her ticklish spots. She shrieked and started giggling, squirming and attacking him in kind.

He pinned her down. "Enough."

She stuck out her tongue, then licked the tip of his nose.

He kissed her lightly. "I think I need a nap."

She smiled. "Me too. It's been an exhausting afternoon."

He shifted, tucking her into his arms.

She settled along his length, eyes drifting shut. "Sleep well, Sam."

He mumbled something she didn't catch as he drifted off.

* * *

The night and next morning passed in a blur of caresses and murmurs, laughter and teasing. Eventually they had to get out of bed and pack, but they managed a quickie on the desk chair before pulling into port.

She leaned her head on his shoulder as the plane took off, returning them to DC and their real lives. "Are we calling this a good vacation?"

"I do."

She smiled. "Me, too. We should try it again sometime."

"I'd love that."

"Did I tell you Becky Lynn caught me as we were disembarking?"

"What did she say?"

"She apologized, hoped we had a good time and gave me her phone number and her life's history."


"Yeah. I suppose in retrospect we'll laugh and think her well meaning. But it amazes me that people like that don't get killed in childhood."

Sam laughed.

She took his hand. "I really did have a good time with you. Even with pulled backs and food poisoning."

"We should do this again."

"Next year."

"This summer."


"Well, not another cruise. But a vacation."

"We could go down the shore. My family has a house."

"That would be nice."

"Lay on the beach all day."

"Don't suppose you have a private beach?"

She smiled. "Yeah."

"I think some skinny dipping might be in order."

"Oh, definitely. We could take your boat down. There's a small pier."

"Stuff for me to think about next week when I'm in Finland."

She kissed his cheek. "I hope they'll keep you warm."

He chuckled. "So do I. I'll bring you a nice present."

She settled against him. "Just as long as you come back to me."

"All women say that. Then they cry when you don't bring them a present."

"I would never cry for something so frivolous."

He looked at her.

"I wouldn't. Have you ever seen me cry?"


"See? I'm tough."

"So you don't want a present?"

"I wouldn't toss one in the Potomac."

"I see."

"I'm not stupid either."

He chuckled. "So you do want a gift?"

"Yes, dammit, I want a gift."

"Then I shall bring you one."

"Thank you, Samuel."

"Seriously, why do women always say they don't want gifts when they do? Is it to test our mind reading abilities?"

"Yes," she said solemnly.

He turned and stared at her.

She had this odd little smile on her face and he honestly had no idea if she was serious or not. He blinked for a moment, then looked straight ahead. She laughed, a quiet little giggle. "I really enjoy that expression."

"Just for that I'm bringing you something with a moose on it."

"To match your deer in the headlights look?"


She leaned over and kissed his mouth tenderly.

"I'm glad we did this," he told her quietly.

She was silent a moment. "So am I. I think it was good for us. To be us for a while. Away from work and issues and party lines."

He kissed her hair. "Yes."

She leaned her head on his shoulder. "We're good together. If we could get through this and still be laughing we can do anything."

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