by Robyn H.

Disclaimer: WW's not mine. But oh, if wishing made it so!
Rating: PG-13.
Spoilers: none
Category: general

Affection is so understated these days.


It seems that the only thing people focus on is sex and love. Love and sex. I'd take good ol' simple affection over them any day.

Well, almost any day.

But what I'm trying to say is this: Affection can be just as good. And I should know. I work around some very affectionate people in the west wing of the White House. Oh, I don't mean they're the touchy feely sort...they just know they care.

It might be a grin. It might be a `thumbs up'. It might even be the brief eye contact you make before one of you has to scurry away. Whatever it is, you get that wonderful feeling of knowing that someone's on your side. And this happens to me at least 10 times a day.

And unexpected affection is the best.

Especially, when you're walking along with a million things on your mind, feeling a bit rushed, a bit under appreciated and you meet someone coming the other way. You glance up to avoid crashing into them, and they give you a dazzling smile followed by a wink. You can't help but smile back, and the whole thing leaves you humming a little tune as you stroll along, your depression of a few seconds before gone.

But maybe I spoke too soon.

Maybe the best kind of affection comes from the one person that matters most to you.

A little arm squeeze. A gentle smile. A lingering look from concerned eyes. The kind of stuff that makes your heart beat a little faster, makes your breath catch in your throat and makes your chest ache in the good way. You want to just throw your arms around them and...

Whoa. I guess the line between love and affection can get a little blurred sometimes. Not that it's ever been anything but clear to me. No, I know I'm standing firmly on the side of affection.

I am.

For now.

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