For Their Looks

by Robyn H.

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Rating: PG
Spoilers: Most of the shows Ainsley has been in.
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Note: This follows 'Should I?'
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Ainsley was about to open the door to Sam's office when she heard someone clearing their throat behind her. She gave a little jump and did a fast 180.

"Ainsley, what are you doing here so late?"

"Well, Donna, what does it look like I'm doing?" Ainsley tilted her head back and gave the other woman what she hoped looked like a confident smile.

"I'd say it looks like you're about to talk to Sam."

"Then you'd be right." She turned back to the door, but before she could open it, Donna spoke again. Ainsley closed her eyes.

"Well I wouldn't go in there if I were you. He's been a real downer since he-"

"Wait a minute. Why, exactly, is Josh making you stay so late three nights in a row," Ainsley interrupted, turning back around. She hoped the change of subject would get Donna to leave faster. She wasn't disappointed.

"He isn't making me, we're in the middle of a thing. I mean, you know, I'm helping him with the thing. You know, doing index cards and stuff. I have to go, I think hear him calling." Donna gave Ainsley a rather nervous smile, then rapidly started walking toward Josh's office.

Ainsley shook her head. She wondered if those two would EVER get a clue. The way they look at each other, or the look on their faces when they talk about each other gives them away. For their looks alone, you can tell.

Honestly, some people could be so dense.


Sam heard the door opening behind him, but didn't turn around. The only one he knew of that was still working this late was Josh, and he wasn't in the mood for conversation right now. He heard the door close with a slight 'click'.

"Look I'm not up to talking tonight, so if this could wait till tomorrow, I'd appreciate it."

"Wow, that sounds familiar, but I'd really rather not wait till tomorrow Sam, if that's alright with you."

Sam turned around and stood in one quick move. He found himself looking at a somewhat amused Ainsley from across the room.

"I thought you had left for the day."

"Yeah, I was going to," she began. Then she looked down and finshed in a more subdued voice,"but I found I needed to discuss something with you, first."

"Have a seat," he said, gesturing to the two chairs in front of his desk. Ainsley sat in the one on the right, and Sam took the one on the left, so that they sat facing each other. Sam couldn't help noticing that if they both leaned forward, they could touch foreheads.

Ainsley leaned forward a little. "Sam, I would just like to say that I consider you a friend that I can speak honestly to."

Sam thought that she would speak honestly to him if he wasn't a friend, she couldn't seem to help herself, but he didn't interrupt.

"So having said that, I think we should discuss the nature of our relationship and the conduct in which we behave so that we can avoid such outcomes as you being embarrassed by me in a bathrobe and me worrying about being a dissappointment to my father."


"Sam, I'm serious!"

"I see that."

"Fine," she said as she got abruptly to her feet. "If you're going to-"

"I wasn't embarassed." Sam stood up bringing them so close you couldn't fit your hand between them.


"I wasn't embarrassed to see you in a bathrobe."


"Are you really worried about dissappointing your father?"

"Right this minute?"


"Not particularly," she whispered.

Sam stared at her. She looked beautiful in the soft light glowing from the lamp on his desk. He brought his hand up and was about to touch the side of her face when the door suddenly swung open. They stepped apart.

"Hey Ainsley. Sam, I was just coming in to tell you that Donna and I are leaving."

"Thanks. We were just-"

"Leaving," Ainsley interrupted. "We'll walk out with you."

Ainsley went out to join Donna in the hall. Josh arched his eyebrows, but Sam just ignored him and followed her out the door.


Donna strolled alongside Josh, with Sam and Ainsley just ahead. Every few steps Ainsley and Sam would glance at each other, though never at the same time. 'If they don't want people to know they are attracted to one another they should stop looking at each other like that,' Donna thought, a wry smile beginning to tug at her lips. 'Good grief, for their looks alone people will guess what's going on. They should really learn to be more subtle.'

Donna looked up then to smile at Josh, not noticing when Sam leaned down to whisper in Ainsley's ear, and thus not catching the look of apprehension that made it's way accross her face as she quickly looked away.


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