A Few Whispered Words

by Robyn H.

Disclaimer: They're Aaron 'The King' Sorkin's.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None

"Not particularly."

Just those two softly spoken words, and I was immediately entranced. She appeared so much like an angel in the glow of the lamp, that I had to touch her just to assure myself she was real. If Josh hadn't come through the door when he did, there was no telling what I would've done.

Thank God for Josh.

Ainsley and I have to talk about this, but it seems the longer we're in a room alone together 'talking' becomes less and less important. Why talk when you can touch? Why say words when you can convey what you feel through a just a look? No, in retrospect, it wasn't the 'Not particularly' that came whispered from her lips that got me.

It was the 'I want you, too' that shown so clearly through her eyes.

That's why my solution is so perfect.


"We're going to finish this tonight."

He was echoing my sentiment of just over an hour ago. Still, never has a few whispered words made me feel I feel. At first I thought he was going to follow me home, and that would've been a very bad idea. We can't be in the same room alone together without screwing things up, so what made him think an empty apartment would be better?

Then I thought maybe talking wasn't what he had in mind.

Would I have the strength to resist? The odds were against it. I would tell him before we went in that I was too tired to talk tonight, and that we were just going to have to continue our discussion, such as it is, tomorrow.

I made that resolution an hour and a half ago.

Where is he? If he didn't come home with me how did he think he was going to finish this tonight?





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