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The show has stopped putting dates on the DSAs, so they're getting much harder to keep track of. The placing of anything after second season is mostly speculation.

2/1/63 (FB) -- Jarod is kidnapped from his bedroom by two Sweepers in the middle of the night.

2/2/63 (FB) -- Jacob brings a boy being called Jarod to the Centre ( at night with a hood over his head). The boy is locked in a glass room in the lab.

2/4/63 -- Jarod builds an Empire State Building model; he's been at Centre for 36 hrs, and is four years old (according to Mr. Raines). Jarod meets Sydney.

(unknown date; FB) -- Jarod looks about 4 years old. Jarod simulates the Hedenberg disaster, gets scared and runs out, Sydney tells him to say "refuge" as a safe word.

01/7/67 -- Jarod pitches a fit about the cameras recording his every move.

01/10/67 -- Jarod scares the hell out of Sydney pretending to be dead, in hopes of making the cameras go away.

01/14/67 -- Sydney tells Jarod he has removed the cameras, but Jarod finds one still in place.

03/20/67 -- Jarod simulates the Apollo 1 launch-pad fire.

c. 8/??/67 (approx. date; FB) -- Twin girls see Mr. Raines tell Jacob he is either "part of the solution or problem" and hold a gun to Jacob's neck.

08/02/67 (FB) -- While arguing about the Centre, Sydney and Jacob are involved in a car accident which leaves Jacob comatose.

10/12/67 -- Jarod re-enacts the murder of Marilyn Monroe.

12/03/67-12/04/67 -- Jarod has a crisis of identity, wanting to know who he is. Sydney gives him a mirror

1/??/68 (unknown date; FB) -- Jarod sees Kyle passing by in the lab and asks about him.

1/31/68 -- wanting a friend, Jarod refuses finish a simulation until Syd agrees to let him see Kyle. Jarod gets caught by security on the elevator to the sublevels.

2/6/68 -- Jarod is introduced to Kyle.

6/7/68 -- Jarod and Kyle talk in lab; Jarod asks if Kyle knows who he is (which he doesn't). 8/10/68 -- Kyle and Jarod do a sim together, and Kyle agrees with Jarod's conclusion, enraging Mr. Raines. The boys find a way to communicate through the wires by morse code.

8/17/68 -- During a pain anticipation sim, Jarod accidently burns Kyle with acid, not knowing it was real. (Mr. Raines did know.)

(unknown date; FB) -- Angelo watches as Kyle and Jarod talk through morse code wires in their rooms. Kyle is taken away by men and Angelo slips Kyle's medal to Jarod through the vents. Jarod hides the medal behind the sink. (Probably not too long after the boys learned to communicate.)

9/12/68 (SL-27 DSA) -- Kyle re-enacts the assasination of Martin Luther King as the shooter. Mr. Raines is trying to create a sociopath with no morality.

12/23/68 -- Jarod sees Sydney with Christmas presents, Sydney tells him it's for an experiment.

01/14/69 -- Jarod is on a bike wearing a pilot's helmet, Mr. Raines tells Sydney to lie to Jarod.

10/07/69 -- Jarod meets Miss Parker for first time.

10/08/69 -- Miss Parker is in the lab with Jarod; they touch hands, she tells him her first name.

11/27/69 (FB) -- Thanksgiving, Miss Parker hears fighting in the next room; her mother won't wear her wedding ring. She sees Mr. Raines leaving the house. (Catherine Parker admitted to hospital for numerous injuries.)

12/20/69 -- Jarod runs into little MP in lab, bunny scene.

(Unknown date; FB) -- Miss Parker and Jarod kiss. Probably soon after the bunny incident.

12/21/69 -- Sydney's monologue; Jarod and Sydney discuss Sydney's Christmas vacation.

02/13/70 (SL-27 DSA) -- Mr. Raines teaches Kyle to hate Mrs. Parker by beating him and forcing him to shoot at a cardboard target of Mrs. Parker. Mr. Raines mentions the Dragon House.

04/12/70 -- Mrs. Parker meets Mr. Fenigor in SL-27 about getting Jarod and Timmy out, and visits Timmy later.

04/13/70 -- Mrs. P tries to stop Raines from putting Timmy in a brain wave electric chair and fails, Timmy becomes Angelo.

04/13/70 (FB) -- Mrs. Parker shows Miss Parker how to braid her hair and gives her the present.

04/13/70 (3) -- Jarod re-enacts Apollo 13 accident to save astronauts in time. Miss Parker watches from balcony. Miss Parker, Jarod see Mrs. Parker apparently killed in elevator; Angelo actually witnesses the murder outside the elevator.

04/13/70 -- Mr. Parker tells Sydney to never speak of the murder; he later breaks down in tears.

04/15/70 (approx. date; FB) -- Sydney attempts to comfort Miss Parker at her mother's funeral; Sydney tells Jarod never to talk about what really happened.

4/17/70 -- Jarod asks Syd about Timmy and Syd says he's been released because he isn't special. Mr. Fenigor watches.

(Unknown date; FB) -- Miss Parker finds Jarod talking to Angelo and gives him his first Cracker Jack. Jarod offers his sympathy at her mother's death.

05/20/70 -- Jarod simulates Rosenburg's execution to see if he was innocent.

06/21/70 -- Jarod fails a pattern recognition test.

10/31/70 -- (Halloween) Jarod re-enacts the JFK assassination.

12/23/70 -- Sydney says the Tower wants to isolate Jarod from culture. Sydney gives him a snowglobe of Empire State building.

(Unknown date; DSA) -- Jarod does a facial reconstruction from a skull; molds a bust of his father.

01/15/71 -- Jarod sits on floors and tears up pictures and won't "become" anyone, won't talk for 36 hours.

03/1/71 -- Jarod builds a model of a home, and later destroys it.

04/2/71 -- Jarod draws picture for Sydney of Nazi Zellar based on Syd's descriptions.

04/22/71 -- Jarod is locked in a plastic sphere for a 3-day heat endurance simulation.

11/21/71 -- Jarod asks if anyone would want him if he left the Centre.

05/23/72 -- Jarod sims Buddhist monks who set themselves on fire to protest war.

07/03/72 -- In a hostage simulation, Jarod pretends to be a sniper saving hostages; Jarod is having dreams about his mother.

11/02/73 -- Jarod watches a video of civil right demonstration

09/07/74 -- Jarod examines a photo of a missing soldier to see if the man is still alive.

10/17/76 -- Jarod and Sydney are both used as lab rats in a drug experiment.

(unknown date) -- Jarod tries to get into the head of a murdered girl to find her killer.

1978 -- Jarod gets inside the head of a serial killer in an attempt to find a kidnapped girl. He catches the killer, but is too late to save the girl -- Mr. Raines' daughter.

(unknown date; FB) -- Christmas episode. Jarod sneaks out through air vents to see snow, sets Centre alarms off. Maybe about 10 years old?

(unknown date; FB) -- Jarod simulates a mine rescue of a child and fails.

(unknown date; FB) -- Jarod sees Miss Parker give her father a Father's Day present; he attempts to give Sydney a Father's Day card, which Sydney firmly refuses.

(unknown date) -- Jarod asks Sydney about his mother.

(unknown date) -- Jarod simulates the planned rescue of a kidnap victim.

10/??/96 -- Jarod is deliberately 'killed' and brought back (this simulation performed by Mr. Raines and Mr. Lyle).

???, 1996 -- After seeing a friend killed in front of him, Jarod decides to escape from the Centre.

???, 1996 -- Jarod escapes from the Centre; he is picked up on the road by Todd Baxter

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