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The Centre Timeline
The crucial events of the Centre's history, as we know (and guess) them

DSA/Flashback List
Chronology and summaries of the DSA's and memories/flashbacks, compiled by Ashley and Perri

Identity Crisis
Jarod's identities, names (and the in-jokes thereof) by episode, in table format. Compiled by Sara and Perri

Jarod Discovers...
The discoveries Jarod has made in the outside world

The Pretender Drinking Game
By Sara Arnold, et al

The Michael T. Weiss Personal Appearance Drinking Game
By Tonia Lorenz, et al

The Pretender Screen Credits
Season One | Season 2 | Season 3

Pretender Lightbulb Jokes
By Emir A. Mohammed

Pretender Articles and Reviews

Lois' Daily Planet (Jamie Denton)

Philadelphia Inquirer's Pretender Quiz

NBC's promo article for The Pretender Adventure on-line game

L.A. Times review of MTW's play, Streams of Conciousness, 9/25/92

Transcript from Phoenix News 12 broadcast

Online Reviews

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