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Identity Crisis

Season 1

Jarod was a(n): with the name: as in: in the episode:
doctorRussellSteven Jay Russell, convicted imposterPilot
freighter captain????Pilot
Coast Guard officerSpitz Olympic swimmer Mark SpitzEvery Picture Tells a Story
??Campbell??Every Picture Tells a Story
test pilotWrightOrville and WilburFlyer
symphony conductor??Flyer
gamblerWoods??Curious Jarod
game warden??Curious Jarod
casino security expertFelsonPaul Newman's character in The Color of Money and The HustlerCurious Jarod
lawyerHolmes Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Paper Clock
rodeo rider??The Paper Clock
motorcycle copStarrtraditional law enforcement badgeTo Serve and Protect
mountie (RCMP officer)??To Serve and Protect
high school biology teacher***??A Virus Among Us
virologistRiley??A Virus Among Us
bartender??A Virus Among Us
exterminator??A Virus Among Us
medical examinerMarleyA Christmas CarolNot Even a Mouse
911 operator??Not Even a Mouse
skydiving instructorCochraneCochrane jump boots, used by Special ForcesMirage
firefighterO'Learythe woman who started the Great Chicago FireThe Better Part of Valor
accountant?***VronskiAnna KareninaThe Better Part of Valor
lunch truck cook??The Better Part of Valor
pyrotechnician??Potato Head Blues
bomb squad officerNobelinventor of dynamitePotato Head Blues
FBI agentWebsterFBI director William WebsterPotato Head Blues
palm reader*??Potato Head Blues
doctor??Potato Head Blues
prison guardBradleyMilton-BradleyPrison Story
Short; St. James; Ventner; ChanceMonopolyPrison Story
game inventorParkerParker BrothersPrison Story
Naval officerForresterC.S. Forrester, author of Horatio Hornblower storiesBazooka Jarod
high school guidance counselor*??Bazooka Jarod
ex-Green Beret / SAR volunteerForeststolen from a Smokey the Bear posterRanger Jarod
Sherpa on Mt. Everest**??Ranger Jarod
news cameramanCranefilming equipment?Jeraldo!
Ph.D. research scientist***HallstromLasse Hallstrom, director of My Life As A DogUnder the Reds
EMTRandolphRandolph Mantooth from EmergencyUnder the Reds
organ courier??Under the Reds
gator wrestler***??Keys
Marine Patrol officer??Keys
weatherman in Puerto Rico*??Keys
infomercial salesman*??Keys
U.S. MarshalCodyBuffalo Bill Cody, showman of the American WestUnhappy Landings
federal prosecutor**??Unhappy Landings
chili cook??Unhappy Landings
hitmanDoeJohn DoeJarod's Honor
orthodontist??The Dragon House
FBI agentNessElliott NessThe Dragon House

Season 2

Jarod was a(n): with the name: as in: in the episode:
anatomy professorHowardThree Stooges skit (w/ Dr. Fine)Back From the Dead Again
Urban Search and RescueShatnerWilliam Shatner of 'Rescue:911'Over the Edge
psychological reconstructionist**??Over the Edge
rodeo clown*??Over the Edge
triage surgeon*??Over the Edge
Congressional advisor*??Over the Edge
high fashion photographerAdamsPhotographer Ansel AdamsExposed
sculptor???Nip and Tuck
plastic surgeonClayClay-doh, his latest discoveryNip and Tuck
ice cream man???Past Sim
attorney, Department of JusticeDarrowAttorney Clarence DarrowPast Sim
Army RangerPattonGeneral George PattonCollateral Damage
toxic waste disposal expertDupontChemical company and familyHazards
stunt FX coordinatorLugosihorror movie star Bela LugosiFX
race car driverJonesrace car driver Parnelli JonesIndy Show
gigolo??????Gigolo Jarod
romance novelistHeart***Gigolo Jarod
outdoor counselorCrockettAmerican frontiersman Davy CrockettToy Surprise
FBI agentRicoFederal RICO statutesA Stand-Up Guy
mob counterfeiterPuzoMario Puzo, author of 'The Godfather'A Stand-Up Guy
public defender??????A Stand-Up Guy
truck driver??????Amnesia
SWAT officer??????Bulletproof
DEA psychologistLearyDr. Timothy Leary, noted psychology professor and drug advocate of the sixtiesSilence
***Barber???Red Rock Jarod
doctor (fertility)Spockpediatrician Dr. Benjamin SpockBloodlines
teacherKotterthe lead character of 'Welcome Back, Kotter'Bloodlines

Season 3

Jarod was a(n): with the name: as in: in the episode:
mental patient******Crazy
state trooperRainesMr. Raines?Crazy
psychiatristRatchettNurse Ratchett, from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'Crazy
bounty hunterGreenA Greenpeace bannerHope & Prey
criminal behaviorist (profiler)ResslerRobert K. Ressler, FBI psychologist who was one of the inventors of profiling techniquesOnce in a Blue Moon
arsonistBurns***Someone to Trust
ex-conBarkerMa Barker and sons, outlaw gang of the American Old WestParole
arms dealer???***Homefront
ATF Special AgentMinermain industry of the Appalacians?Flesh and Blood
criminal psychology professorGardnerEarl Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry MasonMurder 101
pool sharkPepper***Pool
DJMiddle Man***PTB
Army IntelligenceTurgidsonGeneral Turgidson, Dr. StrangelovePTB
IRS agentTally***Ties That Bind
Treasury agent???***Ties That Nind
coronor???***Wake Up
detectiveDoyleSir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlocke HolmesEnd Game

Season 4

nuclear scientistHickamHomer Hickam, NASA rocket scientistThe World's Changing
Department of Energy agentWattsunit of energyThe World's Changing
Army Criminal Investigation Division officerStevens???Survival
DetectiveWaxmanCurrent hobby (wax museum)Angels Flight
Goth conman???***Angels Flight
sex therapistKinseyDr. Alfred Kinsey, human sexuality researcherRisque Business
police officerMalloypolice officer on the television show "Adam - 12"Road Trip
psychologistBellAlexander Graham Bell, known for his work with deaf-mute/"wild" childrenWild Child
FBI agent, Hostage Rescue TeamJackson???Rules of Engagement
Secret Service agent (behavioral scientist)WilkesJohn Wilkes Booth?Spin Doctor
private detectiveDick Dicksonslang for a PI is private dick (possible reference to the Dixon Hill holodeck character of ST:TNG)Cold Dick
demolitions expert???***Ghosts from the Past
INS agentEllisEllis Island, traditional customs point for American immigrantAgent of Year Zero
drug addictJonesslang for an addictionJunk
teacherBrody???School Daze
agent, Texas Bureau of Investigation???***Meltdown
U.S. MarshalWilson???Corn Man

* = mentioned
** = mentioned, but unknown if Jarod is serious (Psychological reconstructionist in particular is a fancy way of describing the simulations)
*** = not shown (but Miss Parker et al visit site)

He has also used entirely different names in several episodes:

John Corey, JrThe Paper Clockthe son of a target's law school buddy
Buddy Slocum, Jr.MirageIRS agent
Marvin GardensPrison Story from Monopoly, mostly to annoy Miss Parker
R.H. CrossScott Freeto impersonate a safecracker

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