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"And under the hand of God, ye little children shall never be lost."

I'm not even going to attempt to track the A-plots; here's a basic timeline of the B-plot, i.e., the history of the Centre. Some dates are approximate 'best guesses'; they'll be changed when and if concrete information appears.

1936 -- Catherine Jamison is born.

late 1940's - early 1950's -- Catherine Jamison lives in St. Catherine of the Hills convent with Harriett Tashman. Catherine marries Mr. Parker.

1958 -- Jarod's parents, an Air Force major and his wife, visit Nugenesis Family Group.

1959 -- Jarod is born.

January 3, 1960 -- Miss Parker is born; paternity currently in question. She has a twin brother, later called Mr. Lyle, who is declared stillborn and kidnapped by then-Dr. Raines. Around the same time, Timmy/Angelo is born. (1)

February, 1960?? -- Mr. Lyle is adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Bowman and named Robert (Bobby). (2) February, 1963 -- Jarod (and Kyle?) is kidnapped by the Centre. His parents hire Sonny Hebert, a PI, to look for them; his father apparently never stops looking.

February 2, 1963 -- Jacob brings Jarod to the Centre.

February 4, 1963 -- Jarod meets Sydney.

1965-1966? -- Near the beginning of the Pretender project, a young intern working with Sydney is in a car accident (with Sydney at the wheel). The Centre tells each that the other is dead, and proceeds to blackmail Sydney to stay with the project. July/August, 1967 -- Twin girls participating in a seminar see Mr. Raines tell Jacob he is either "part of the solution or the problem" and hold a gun to Jacob's neck.

August 2, 1967 -- While arguing about the Centre, Sydney and Jacob are involved in a car accident which leaves Jacob comatose.

January, 1968 -- Jarod sees Kyle for the first time.

February 6, 1968 -- Jarod and Kyle meet.

August 10, 1968 -- Kyle and Jarod find a way to communicate through their cells.

August, 1968 -- Timmy/Angelo watches as Kyle is taken away from his cell; Angelo slips Kyle's medal to Jarod through the vents. (Probably not too long after the boys learned to communicate.)

1969 -- Jarod's parents, using the names Charles and Margaret, find refuge with Harriet Tashman at Catherine Parker's request. Jarod and Kyle's sister Emily is born. Catherine Parker begins rescuing children from the Centre, and plans to rescue seven more, including Jarod.

October 7, 1969 -- Jarod meets Miss Parker.

October 8, 1969 -- Miss Parker tells Jarod her first name.

November 27, 1969 (Thanksgiving) -- Catherine Parker is admitted to the hospital for numerous injuries, after Miss Parker hears her arguing with someone, and sees Mr. Raines leaving the house.

December, 1969/January, 1970 -- Miss Parker gives Jarod his first kiss.

February, 1970 -- Mr. Raines continues his work with Kyle, creating a sociopath -- one with violent tendencies centered on Mrs. Parker.

April, 1970 -- A fire at the South Delaware Children's Home destroys all of their records.

April 9, 1970 -- Mrs. Parker vehemently protests Project Gemini.

April 13, 1970 -- Timmy is 'killed' in Mr. Raines' experiments, and becomes Angelo. Miss Parker, Jarod see Mrs. Parker apparently killed in an elevator; Angelo actually witnesses the murder outside the elevator. The murder is listed as a suicide.

1972 -- Kyle is 'officially' released from the Centre, but Mr. Raines keeps him hidden in SL-27.

1975 -- A Centre representative begins visting Bobby Bowman/Mr. Lyle. He starts showing violent tendencies.

1975 -- Mr. Raines' daughter Annie is kidnapped by a serial killer. Although Jarod manages to track down the killer through simulations, he is too late to save Annie. Her body is not found for twenty-three years.

1975 -- Mr. Raines' wife Edna reportedly commits suicide. In reality, she is kept in a drugged state in the Pratt Institute until April 2000.

1975-6? -- Jarod is promised that he will meet his parents, but on the eve of the 'meeting', he is told by Sydney and Raines that his parents were killed in a plane crash. (3)

October 1976 -- Jarod is used as a lab rat for drug experiments by Mr. Raines designed to enhance mental capabilities, which leave him first addicted, then in a painful withdrawl. Sydney volunteers for the same testing to spare Jarod, but is double-crossed, and left in the same state.

1977-8? -- Mr. Lyle kills his best friend and frames his father for the murder, after faking the body as his own. Lyle Bowman is imprisoned.

198? -- In college, Mr. Lyle (under the name Jim Hooper) is suspected in the murder of two female exchange students; the charges are dropped.

1982 -- SL-27 is destroyed in a fire; at least one lab tech is shot and killed.

June 3, 1983 -- Kyle is arrested after attempting to kidnap Harriet Tashman, and sent to prison.

1985 -- Jarod's clone is born.

October, 1995 -- Sydney is sent to Europe by Mr. Raines; Raines uses the chance to perform experiments on Jarod, under the direction of Mr. Lyle.

late August/early September, 1996 -- In an attempt to increase Jarod's results, a Sweeper named Damen is assigned to him. Damen convinces Jarod to do one last simulation, developing a deadly virus, in order to be released from the Centre. Jarod complies and Damen betrays him, killing a janitor who is one of Jarod's friends.

September, 1996 -- One week after Damen's betrayal, Jarod escapes from the Centre. Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots are assigned to capture him.

November, 1996 -- Jarod obtains a picture of his mother from a source at the Centre (Sydney).

December, 1997 -- Dara Andrews, a child rescued from the Centre by Catherine Parker (and a possible Pretender), dies. At around the same time, Sonny Hebert is seriously burned in New Orleans.

January, 1997 -- Angelo is assigned to help track down Jarod.

March, 1997 -- Jarod's research brings Jacob out of the coma long enough to tell Sydney about SL-27.

April, 1997 -- Broots discovers the children Catherine Parker rescued are dead. Mr. Raines is implicated. Jarod finds Sonny Hebert and learns of his condition. Mr. Raines is implicated.

May, 1997 -- Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots discover SL-27, including a set of files from the Pretender Project. Angelo takes the files. Kyle escapes from prison. Jarod finds Kyle, then rescues him from the Centre after he is recaptured. Kyle is presumably killed by the police. Jarod locates Harriet Tashman and finds her connection to his parents; he sees his mother and sister, but the Centre prevents their reunion. Mr. Raines is severely injured when an unknown party shoots his oxygen tank.

October, 1997 -- Mr. Parker disappears from the Centre; Mr. Lyle takes his place. A Cleaner named Brigitte is assigned to 'help' Miss Parker et al find Jarod.

November-December, 1997 -- Mr. Parker returns with no explanation. Miss Parker discovers that Mr. Parker may not be her biological father. Mr. Lyle is set up in front of the Yakusa by just about everyone after selling them one of Jarod's sims. Broots wins custody of his daughter and is stalked by an unknown party.

January, 1998 -- Jacob comes out of his coma, then dies, after writing one word for Sydney: 'gene'.

March, 1998 -- Brigitte attempts to kill Mr. Parker and gets busted by Miss Parker. Miss Parker almost kills Lyle after he shoots up a Centre office, and fails. Miss Parker and the rest of the Stooges are brought before a Centre tribunal. Sydney discovers he has a son.

April, 1998 -- Miss Parker tracks down Mr. Lyle's past.

May, 1998 -- Kyle returns and is killed by Mr. Lyle. Jarod and Miss Parker find Mr. Fenigor, who knows what happened to their parents. Miss Parker catches her father in some lies and finds out she has a twin brother, taken at birth by Mr. Raines.

Early June, 1998 -- Mr. Fenigor tells Miss Parker and Jarod that his father killed her mother. Sydney is temporarily blinded by an explosion in SL-27 that leaves Raines in a wheelchair. Miss Parker identifies Mr. Lyle as her twin.

October, 1998 -- A Centre archive leads to the gun that killed Miss Parker's mother -- a gun with the same circle of fire emblem that Jarod finds on a flash patch belonging to his father. Jarod finds the body of Annie Raines.

November, 1998 -- Miss Parker discovers Lyle had a mail order bride, who died under suspicious circumstances. Broots is involved in a massacre at a Centre data annex, and the Centre issues orders to kill him. Jarod, Miss Parker and Sydney track down the killer, Damen, and Jarod kills him. Sydney meets his son for the first time.

December, 1998/January, 1999 -- Nicholas is kidnapped and Mr. Lyle first rescues him, then attempts to use him as bait to catch Jarod. Mr. Parker becomes engaged to Brigitte. Jarod meets Thomas Gates and becomes friends.

February, 1999 -- Miss Parker meets and becomes involved with Thomas Gates.

April, 1999 -- Miss Parker decides to leave the Centre to move to Oregon with Thomas, before he is killed. While Miss Parker and Jarod both suspect Centre involvement, there is no proof. Mr. Parker and Brigitte are married.

May, 1999 -- Jarod joins forces with FBI profiler Samantha Waters to catch a serial kidnapper/killer. Jarod travels to Alaska in search of his father and discovers a branch of the Human Genome project -- concentrating on his genes.

June, 1999 -- Jarod locates his father, Major Charles, and rescues Lyle's newest project -- a teenaged clone of Jarod himself. Major Charles is kidnapped by the Centre and Miss Parker is convinced he did not kill her mother. In the ensuing scuffles, Major Charles escapes with the clone and Jarod is captured. Miss Parker is shot. Mr Raines and Mr. Parker are taken into custody by Big Matumbo.

July, 1999 -- Jarod escaped from the Centre; Mr. Raines returns to the Centre as a born-again something. Mr. Parker disappers with Brigitte and without his daughter. Jarod misses a reunion with his sister by one day.

December, 1999 -- A Centre assassin named Mr. Cox appears at the Centre, apparently aimed at finding and killing Mr. Parker.

January, 2000 -- On the anniversary of Thomas' death, Miss Parker and Jarod discover the identify of his assassin -- Brigitte. (4) Brigitte dies giving birth and without revealing who ordered Thomas's death. Matumbo is assassinated, leaving Mr. Parker free to return to the Centre.

February, 2000 -- Jarod teams up with the VCTF again, meeting Agent Rachel Burke. Sydney discovers that Claudia Hope is alive.

March, 2000 -- Miss Parker discovers more murders committed by Lyle -- a double murder of prostitutes in Bankok, a torture cell in his apartment, and evidence of cannibalism.

April 16, 2000 -- Edna Raines escapes from the Pratt Institute, and reappears on Miss Parker's doorstep. Though in a precarious mental state, she tells Miss Parker that she is expected to carry on her mother's work, and the word 'Mirage'. She later wanders away, singing Jarod's lullaby.

May, 2000 -- Edna Raines dies of a apparent drug overdose, with Mr. Raines in attendence. Following her last words to Jarod, Miss Parker finds her mother's grave empty.

(1) These dates are even more rampant speculation than usual, but Miss Parker can't be much younger than Jarod. And if the Centre's records are at all accurate, then Angelo and Mr. Lyle have to have born around the same time as Miss. P., or it would've been real easy to figure out which one is her twin.

(2) Lyle's date of adoption is also real flaky, since they very carefully didn't show us the date in his records.

(3) Dating based on Jarod's apparent age in the DSA a year later, since they stopped giving us dates.

(4) Another case of flaky dating. Thomas died in April, going by both the air date of the episode and the seasons they showed during the episode. But the 'anniversary' episode aired in January. Go with whatever suits you.

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