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Users Invited Online as Centre Operatives in Exciting Summer-Long Episodic Game

NEW YORK, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- NBC's Saturday night Thrillogy series, "The Pretender," will conclude with a two-hour season finale on May 17 which will segue simultaneously online on ( into "The Pretender Adventure," a unique narrative game. This marks the first time, acclaimed for its innovative, ground-breaking content, will produce an Internet event with an independent entertainment company -- the series' supplier, MTM Enterprises.

In the show's finale, Jarod (Michael T. Weiss), a genius whose exceptional intelligence allows him to virtually master any profession, risks everything when he breaks back into the Centre, a clandestine research complex, in order to help a fellow Pretender whom he met as a tormented child years before. Earlier, during his search for his friend, Jarod uncovers more missing pieces to his family's mysterious disappearance, and as agents for the Centre close in, he finally glimpses his parents for the first time in decades.

Taken from his parents as a child prodigy in the early 1960s, Jarod spent decades isolated under the caring instruction of a psychiatrist at the Centre, a think-tank that sold the services of Jarod's computer-like mind to the highest bidder. As an adult, Jarod flees the Centre, and uses his unique ability to master any subject, thus enabling him to assume various identities. Meanwhile, he must elude a posse of Centre operatives who desperately want him back.

Consistent with "The Pretender"'s season-long storyline, users of will embark on a similar challenge -- find Jarod. Users will be inducted into the online Centre as operatives and during their journey, will run into characters from the series including a new character who could turn up on the show next season. The unfolding adventure will be shaped by the choices players make as they solve puzzles and track Jarod's movements. Further enhancing the reality of this online experience, users will get custom- tailored audio messages directly from the stars of the show, offering clues and encouraging users to continue the search. "The Pretender Adventure" will run for 12 weeks with weekly updates.

"'The Pretender Adventure' will involve the Website user as a real participant in the story," said Edmond Sanctis, Senior Vice President and General Manager, NBC Digital Productions. "The game gives us the unique opportunity to extend the show on the Web for loyal fans of 'The Pretender' with an engaging online experience."

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with NBC in the creation of this innovative interactive game," said Tasi Ponder, Director, Interactive Development, MTM Entertainment.

Another NBC Saturday night "Thrillogy" show, "Profiler," will take advantage of similar on-air/online integration, with its season-ending episode. In both cases, the cross-platform programming will be supported by custom on-air spots. Like other areas within, "The Pretender Adventure" will be advertiser supported. Major sponsors will be announced shortly.

"The Pretender," which has helped NBC move from worst to first among the adult 18-49 demographic, is a production of MTM Enterprises in association with NBC Studios. Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle are Executive Producers. Tommy Thompson is Co-Executive Producer.

MTM is a leading independent entertainment company and producer of signature properties for the domestic and international marketplace. The company has developed a uniquely integrated approach to extending the MTM brand worldwide through ancillary divisions including interactive, licensing, marketing and music publishing.

NBC Digital Productions oversees (, the network's primary site on the World Wide Web for the best in top-rated entertainment and sports coverage, as well as information about NBC shows and stars. also features original programming including new interactive episodes of some of NBC's most popular shows from daytime to primetime to late night.

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