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Phoeniz News 12 Transcript

My local news went behind the scenes on the Pretender so I taped it and copied it down. It had some interesting info. --Terri

NBC's The Pretender has become a Saturday night favorite. The main character is a genius vigilante who's always on the run. Here's what I saw behind the scenes in tonight's 12 news extra.

[scene from Ranger Jarod as he and Nia enter the cabin]

Reporter, Kari Lake - Standing up for the little person, that's what Jarod, the Pretender, does in every episode. Suspenseful storylines and scenes like this one [shirtless Jarod from RJ] have earned actor Michael Weiss a lot of fans...including me.

KL - You are such a stud.

MTW - [shocked look then laughs and looks around] Who, me?

KL voice-over - This day he was busy shooting 2 shows. On one set, an intimate scene [RJ in the shack during the storm] and on the other, a father [Baby Love].

MTW- We don't have to get stuck in who we think we are, we can play with different aspects of our personality, That's what Jarod does. Not only does he play a different character every week but he's also innocent on some levels and dark and twisted on another level so it's really fun to play.

KL voice-over- Just like his roles change from week to week, so do the sets. [walks through RJ set into SL-27] This smoky look in the air is actually vegetable oil. It's kinda gross but it creates an edgy and mysterious look to some of those really dramatic scenes. {Shows machine blowing the oil around in the air in SL-27]

[Does short interview with Andrea Parker that was boring. [Sorry] AP wants fans to know she is very nice and likes people. She says to watch The Pretender or "I'll see to it Miss Parker hunts you down."]

KL- The season finale is next week and some hints for next season.... Look for Jarod and Miss Parker to start some sort of relationship. They can either be siblings or become romantically involved. Those are 2 of the ideas being tossed around.

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