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The Pretender Quiz (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

1. What playful candy does Jarod eat in almost every episode?

2. When Jarod posed as a mountain rescue volunteer, what classic comedy team did he happily discover?

3. What was young Jarod building when he was first brought to the Centre?

4. Name the foreign language that Miss Parker speaks fluently.

5. When Jarod dreams of his long-lost mother, what is she doing?

6. What lucky charm does Jarod discover when he becomes a hospital paramedic?

7. Name the year when young Jarod arrived at the Centre?

8. What does Jarod send Miss Parker for Christmas?

9. While he's no Gemini, what subject commands much of Sydney's research time?

10. When Jarod works as a prison guard, what classic toy is hanging all over his dinky room?

11. In the prison guard episode, what ailment does the acidic Miss Parker develop?

12. Jarod believes his father works in what profession?

13. What politically incorrect habit does Miss Parker try to break?

14. What comatose patient is Miss Parker reluctant to kill despite orders to do so?

15. Name two of the four ingredients used by Jarod to concoct his "optimized nutritional supplement"?


1. PEZ candy
2. The Three Stooges
3. A model of the Empire State Building
4. Russian
5. Hanging out the laundry
6. A rabbit's foot
7. 1963
8. A white
9. Twins
10. Slinky
11. Ulcer
12. An aviator
13. Smoking
14. Jacob, Sydney's twin brother
15. Asparagus, hearts of palm, wheat grass (stewed with tomato).

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