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Sounds files made and donated by Beth Wilson.
All sounds are in .wav format.

Opening Credits

'There are pretenders among us.'


Jarod: " I can be anything I want to be."

Jarod: "Any special reason that you're in here half-naked?"

Jarod: "And by the way, ice cream... *is* good."

Jarod: "I have a good imagination."

Patient: "Are you a doctor?"
Jarod: "I am today."

A Virus Among Us

Jarod: "Oh that's perfect. I'll take 100 [roach motels]."

Jarod: "Does it have roaches?"

Jarod: "Interesting interpretation."

Student: "He told us that roaches would be the only living thing after a biological holocaust. Them... and some woman named Parker."

Not Even a Mouse

Jarod: "A cake with fruit baked right in! Thank you, this has to be delicious!"

Jarod: "Well, I don't know who lambada is...."

Miss Parker: "Relax. He's probably holed up in Whoville, experiencing the Grinch for the first time."

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