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No real updates, just a shift to a new home so I can close an old account, and a moment to answer some burning questions:

1. No, information about the two TNT movies will probably never appear on this page. After two years, I still haven't been able to force myself to rewatch the series finale to get that information up, and it's my understanding that the two movies were just as stupid/pointless. If someone wants to volunteer to do the work (synopsis, cast list, information for the Data Annex, etc.), I'll cheerfully accept it, and give you all due credit. Otherwise, The Pretender ended with the series for me. Actually, it ended a little bit before the series did.

2. No, I do not distribute tapes of the series any more. It's in syndication on TNT, and on various stations throughout the world -- check your local listings. And, obviously, I don't have tapes of the two movies that aired on TNT.

3. Any other questions will either be answered in the Centre Orientation Guide (the Centre is a water treatment plant in Canada, and TNT made 2 movies, to answer the two most popular), or I don't know the answer.

The Centre was a labor of love for a long time, and I'm glad to get the occasional emails that tell me it's a still a resource for all of the Pretender fans out there. This page will stay up as long as it continues to be useful.

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