The Common People Stargate: Atlantis
Stargate: Atlantis Stargate: Atlantis

What's it like, living in the city of Atlantis? Several people have died; who have you lost? Who would you like to push off a balcony and claim it was a mistake? What do you miss most about the Milky Way Galaxy? What do you like best about the Pegasus Galaxy? And if you had the chance to go home, would you take it -- or stay?


Dance on the Wind
by Medie
Had she the strength, she would end this now.

Day by Day
by Perri Smith
Day by day, the world goes round....

Life Sucking Plants from Outer Space
by Ilana
Two random scientists in Atlantis talk and worry and make fun of McKay while preparing to leave the city.

One of a Hundred Stories
by Gale
Arith knows about the Wraith, of course; every child does.

Ordinary People
by Mara
Somebody should spare a thought for the little guy.

The Singer of Tales
by Melissa Beattie
They had found no Ancient tales.

Writing Checks and Shooting Stuff
by Celli
"Do you have any skills at all that can be useful to this expedition, Lieutenant?"