Betrayals aren't always deliberate.

Is murder always wrong?

In Principle, In Practice
For Inara, what should be collides with what is.

The Scarab
"This place may be hell on earth, but it's our home.
And God help us, we're the ones who hold the line against those things out there."
[Stargate SG-1/BtVS, Season 5]

Spike and Giles are joined by what they remember ... and who they mourn.
[BtVS, Season 5]

The Carton
A vanquished face returns to haunt the Slayer.
[BtVS, Season 5]

Mending Fences
Sometimes just a few simple words can give you the strength to move forward again.
[Angel, Season 2]

Sports Page
It's the end of the world, next on SportsCenter.
[Angel, Season 3]

Games they play, on stages great and small.
[Farscape, Season 4]

Maybe it's about the money. Then again, maybe not.

Hook, Line, Sinker
A weekend in the life of a Companion.