Author's note: Done late one night after a quick burst of inspiration.

She was too pretty even for Los Angeles. Gold-colored hair that glistened in the early morning light, brilliant blue eyes that were open wide and beckoning, a physique to make the most skilled plastic surgeon despair, clad in a dress designed to stop traffic. In her handbag were cards from any number of powerful people, and a hand-tooled diary with phone numbers for half the stars in Hollywood. It was all evidence of a life that most people only wished they could live.

Joe Friday looked at the driver's license, identifying her as Mary Sue Crawford of Dallas, Texas, and sighed sadly. "Somebody didn't like this woman," he commented to no one in particular, and began to count bullet holes again.

Disclaimer: Joe Friday belongs to the heirs of Jack Webb, used without permission and not for profit. Mary Sue belongs to anyone willing to publicly claim her.