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Rules of Usage

Wallpapers/Photo Manipulations
Feel free to download and enjoy my wallpapers for personal use. However, do not archive them or otherwise distribute them online in any way without obtaining my express permission. I will usually grant it, as long as Perri Smith is acknowledged as the creator and a link is placed back to Neon Kaleidoscope.

Before using any of my icons on any form of online journal, please request permission. Not only does this allow me to track where my icons are, it allows you to be designated as the sole user of that icon.



I am always open to taking commissions for icons or wallpapers; I can't guarantee I'll accept each and every one, but your odds are good if it's a show/character/idea I like. Contact me at the above address and we'll talk.



Unless specifically stated otherwise, all of the base photos used on this site belong to other people, and are appropriately credited on the credits page, with my thanks. That does not make my artwork community property; I most certainly own all of the sweat and creativity that went into cleaning up, manipulating and creating the final products. Ask first.