hands to heaven
Willow prepares for the hardest words she'll ever have to say. part of the darkest dawn SunS collaborative universe. season 5

ill met by moonlight
when a blast from Angel's past appears, they are forced to work together to contain an evil attacking Sunnydale -- if they don't kill each other first. season 2

independence day
random acts of angst and senseless cuteness, as Buffy declares a holiday for herself and her buds. season 1

"she learned to research by trying to find herself." season 7
Round 2 Walk With Heroes award.

living lies
after the events of 'No Place Like Home', Buffy contemplates her 'little sister'. season 5

the long thunder
years in the future, Xander's life and work in Sunnydale are abruptly turned upside-down by the arrival of old enemies.... and older friends. AU sequel to to let you go. unfinished.

maternal instincts
Joyce contemplates her upcoming CAT scan. season 5

no strings attached
a retelling of the episode 'The Puppet Show', from Sid the Dummy's point of view. part of the SunS Chaos POV challenge. season 1

nothing like regret
Wesley has no more chances to say... anything. part of the darkest dawn SunS collaborative universe. season 5

a look inside Ms. Calendar's head, right before her first date with Giles. season 2

spring break, sidekick-style
when Buffy and Willow go out of town, Xander finds himself with Angel as his only ally, as the supernatural threaten to take over Mrs. Summers' gallery. companion to spring break, slayer style, by Valerie Meachum. season 1

the stranger
A retelling of the episode 'Angel' from Willow's point of view. part of the SunS chaos pov challenge. season 1

'til the end of the world
Spike made a promise he intends to keep... forever. part of the darkest dawn SunS collaborative universe. season 5

to let you go
in the aftemath of tragedy, everyone must cope -- those who have left, and those who are left behind. a response to Anya's gone.... season 1/2

toy soldiers
during the episode 'Consequences', Wesley reads Giles' diaries and does some thinking. season 3

what dreams may come
after the events of 'Innocence', Willow is haunted by nightmares. season 2