Wide Awake and Dreaming
One Slayer dies.... (Faith)

Hands to Heaven
The hardest words she'll ever have to say. (Willow)

Tough Love
Sometimes friends have to hurt to help. (Cordelia)

Final Entry
No man should outlive his child. (Giles)

When living is too much to handle. (Dawn)

Unfinished Fairy Tale
This isn't how she remembers it. (Fred)

Letter Read 20 Times by the Light of a Single Candle in Belize
Passing it along. (Xander)

Nothing Like Regret
No more chances to say... anything. (Wesley)

'Til the End of the World
Some promises are kept forever. (Spike)

Saying goodbye. (Angel)

Taking Care
Going on, but not alone. (Tara)

Curtain Call
A little knowledge is the saddest thing. (The Host)

Personal Best
...Next one's called.



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