1. Who are the Sunnydale Slayers?
The Sunnydale Slayers (SunS) are a gang of people on the Internet who wanted to talk about, lust after, and discuss in depth the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its stars.

2. So this isn't just a women's drool fest over Anthony Stewart Head, James Marsters and Nicholas Brendon?
Nope. We have male members, and discussions also range through fanfiction, the mythology of the show, current and past projects the actors are involved in, alleviation of Buffy Withdrawl Syndrome, character development, and personal issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with the show.

Which is not to say that an awful lot of drooling doesn't also occur....

3. When were the SunS created?
The SunS were created June 3, 1997 by listowners Lizbetann and diannelamerc after they made the mistake of volunteering to do so in front of people who wouldn't let them back out.

Lizbet's Much Sillier Version

4. Why do you sometimes go a long time between updates?
Because your WebMistress has a life and isn't getting paid for this -- she occasionally wants/has to do things that don't involve writing episode reviews, etc.

5. Will writing to complain to you about not updating accomplish anything?
Um, it'll piss the WebMistress off a lot and make her that much less inclined to care about working on updates. Other than that, not really.

6. Who is Joss Whedon?
God. And the Devil Incarnate. Depending on what episode you just watched. For more information, see the Cult of Joss.

7. If I ask, will you make me tapes of the series?
Unlikely in the extreme. With the first two seasons available on DVD, and the rest rerunning ad infinitum on FX, there are plenty of chances available for people in the States to see the entire series, and our ability to make tapes for anyone not in the States is severely limited, as is our time. So don't ask unless you've got a really excellent reason or a more excellent bribe.

8. Do you guys cover Angel?
Yes, we do, but not here. For episode reviews, quote lists and other things Angel, check out the Angel Annex.

9. What's with the quote lists?
"The ritual quoting, you mean? It's the .sig jihad, where we attempt to grind one another into embarrassed pulp with deliberate quotation." -- Tina

Actually, it started out as a NatPack thing. Whenever large groups of SunS/NatPackers gather in one place, everything silly/sick/twisted they say tends to get written down and preserved for posterity (and future blackmail purposes). The tendency was extended to cover Buffy episodes, and everything said on-list for SunS, basically.

10. So what's a NatPack?
The NatPack is a fan affiliation from Forever Knight fandom; the 'Pack was formed to support coronor Natalie Lambert of that series. About half of SunS membership is either NatPackers, or members of other FK affiliations who are trying to avoid becoming part of the NatPack (four Mercenaries and a Ravenette, if anyone's keeping count). Most of the rest are from Highlander fandom, by the way, which explains all of the decapitation and Immortal jokes....

11. And the whole Horsechick thing?
That would be diannelamerc, Lizbetann, Christina K, Perri and Catherine, in their alter-incarnations. It's kind of a long story -- we have knives, cleavage and too much attitude for the room. And we don't share. Look here for a full explanation (or the closest you're going to get to it).

12. What are the listrules for SunS?
"OK, yadda yadda, gotta have rules." -- List Mummy Lizbet

Rule the First: Thou shalt attack only those whom thou lovest best. We shall know thou art extremely pissed off by thy sweet and loving words.

Rule the Second: Thou shalt *not* use the word "wig" as a verb. *shudder*

Rule the Third: The List Mummy and List Mom are kind, loving and sweet. They have no wish to piss you off. However, if said Mummy and Mom have just cause to believe a thread is getting flame-laden and pointless or any other bad thing, they hast the right to kill said thread (with a stake, if need be.)

Rule the Fourth: Thou shalt smile when thou see a scene in Buffy that reminds thyself of thy high school experience and express gratitude to that which you hold dear that you are not and never again will be sixteen.

Rule the Fifth: The List Mummy and List Mom will practice Tough Love. Should we (as a collective) deem that a member is not getting along, we (the List Mummy/Mom) will turn that person loose into the cold, cruel world. (Grant you, on this list, the chances of that happening are slim and none, but...)

SunS Members, here are the spoiler rules too.

13. How do I join the SunS?
Usually, you don't. The SunS have a membership cap, and membership is on a sponsored basis. Unless you know one of us fairly well (or, again, have a really excellent bribe available), you are unlikely to receive an invitation to join. Nothing personal, we just need to keep things small to keep them functioning.

Thanks to the HeLLLions FAQ for giving us the basic format for this one.

Comments and contributions to webmistress@sunnydale-slayers.com.
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