How the SunS Came to Be (List Mummy Lizbet's version)

Once upon a time, a very, very, very long time ago (like, almost two years ago!) there was a newbie on a list having to do with a vampire show. She liked the show a lot, but she was puzzled by these references to something called a "War." So she posted her first message to the list, very insightful, well-thought-out, and deep... "What's a War?" A very, very, very nice lady wrote back with an explanation, and this Newbie was happy. So she played in the War, and bugged the nice lady when she needed help, and had to bow out halfway through because her &%$!@ computer broke.

A long, long, long time later (like, 10 months!) another War happened. By this time, our Newbie was a not-Newbie. She'd been around, written some fic, and hosted some Wars of her own (which gave her an excellent idea of why she did not want to be in charge of anything). This time around, she asked for help from another very, very, very nice lady who always sent very lovely comments when our not-Newbie wrote fic. The not-Newbie and the other nice lady decided that they must be related because they had so much in common, and they decided that they were stepsisters-once-removed.

(Oh, hush, I'm in August of 1996, still. I'm getting there!)

ANYWAY, the other nice lady (who is, at times, hard to tell from the first nice lady) asked our not-Newbie if she was interested in being Aunt to a cyber-brood. Being insane, our not-Newbie said, "Sure." Silly not-Newbie! Now she had a bunch of cyber-relations, some of which were more than a little psycho. But every family has its ups and downs. And did I mention that the First Nice Lady was Nana to this brood?

ANYWAY, shortly before a whole bunch of people who liked this vampire show (and didn't like the people who had staked it, but we're not going there) were going to congregate in one place ("Be afraid. Be very afraid.") the Other Nice Lady started a loop for the elders of the cyber-brood. The four elders chatted about the family and the show... and work and school and play... and promised the one member that wasn't going to be there lots and lots of pictures. (I'm in 1997 now, are you happy?) And once that con was over, the little loop of four kept talking, about jobs and cats and TV shows... particularly one that three members worked together to get the fourth sucked into, about a Mountie and a cop and a big, big, big white dog. ("He's a wolf." "Oh, hush, Fraser, stop worrying about details!")

ANYWAY, another con was approaching, and all four of the elders on the loop decided they would be attending. And then one of the loop members brought in her Trill, and then there were five. And the show that this con was about had a couple of episodes about guys on horses. So the CyberFamily Elders became the HorseChicks. The First Nice Lady decided that she was Death, the Next Nice Lady had been Chaos from day one, the Trill decided they were the War-Trill and the not-Newbie remained true to form and called herself Plague. And they went to the con, and they scared the MC and they caused much fear (or was that laughter? I can't remember...)

ANYWAY, at that con, a very fateful thing happened. (I'm getting close to the point, OK?) You see, Chaos and one of the War-Trill had been watching another vampire show, and they thought it was very cool. Death and Plague had not been watching this show. Plague, in particular, refused to watch it. Nope, nope, not gonna get sucked into another fandom, nope. But the promised viewing of Methos in Breeches (aka The Modern Prometheus) failed, and Plague returned to the room where Chaos and one of the War-Trill were seeking to seduce Death into the joys of Buffy-dom. As Chaos said later, Plague was something of an accident. But Plague watched, and fell when she heard two teenagers talking... "Her mom's kinda..." "Nazi-like?" "Heil." And when Buffy kissed Angel and walked away... let's just say whimpering was happening, OK?

ANYWAY (and we're getting really close now) after the con, Death and Chaos and the War-Trill and Plague kept chatting on their little loop. And they liked their little loop, but they wanted to talk about Buffy. And there were a lot of cool people they wanted to talk about Buffy with, some of whom they were quite sure they didn't know yet, and some of whom they didn't even know yet liked Buffy. (Was that a sentence?) And one of the War-Trill didn't want to talk about Buffy, which was OK, but the other 4/5ths of the HorseChicks did. And they thought it would be really cool to have a small list of cool people to talk Buffy with, and they wished that such a list existed.

Which was when Plague did A Very Silly Thing. She said, "I would be willing to run... um, I mean join a list like that." And Death (silly Death!) said, "I would be willing to... um, co-join a list with Plague." And Chaos and the War-Trill who was a Buffy-watcher pestered Death and Plague until they finally went out and put together a list. And they loaded it with as many cool people as they could find (which was a lot!!!)

Which was how a once-Newbie and a really nice lady came to be Co-Moms of a bunch of Slayers. Go to bed now, children, and dream of Angels and Giles and Xanders... *g*

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