Apocalypse '98 Quote List

SunS Perpetrators: Dianne, Chris, Perri, Lizbet, Catherine

I am overwhelmed by Trillness.

Boo, a trip all on her own.

I don't think they're above groping.

May I throttle you now?

I think the little voices in the train have been smoking something.
If I was a little voice in a train, I'd probably be smoking something too.

Angel isn't in right now. Please leave a message at the beep and he'll get back to you when he's back in his body.

I forgot the kneeguards again, didn't I?

Buffy wouldn't wear those.
*Barney* wouldn't wear those!

My characters are going to *hate* me!

She hasn't even gotten to the sucking chest wound yet.

You are entirely too gleeful.
Yes, I am.

Fun in a Dru-like way! Whee!

Uh-oh, she's moving.
Oh, shit.
Welcome to my world.

We could probably just grab the end, pull it up and tie it shut. Screaming, wiggling bag of Lizbet.

Bad Strat. No biscuit.
Don't want biscuit. Want quote.

The butterfly is communing with pillows.

It's only been 24 hours and there's already a casualty?

Ooo, sliced bagels. Now there's an idea whose time has come.

We're free-associating *psychotic* rhyming.

You keep making monkey cracks, ain't *nobody* gonna get groomed.

My Trill used the word 'reprioritize'. I'm going to have to kill her.
It's the end of the world. These things happen.

I love this show! Everywhere you look, there's a cute guy!

You love iced tea, but do you love it enough to shoot it through your nose?

I'm submerging!

I've achieved upness, now where do I go?

I think Plague is just a Trill slut.

Bite me, Dee.
No, I already had a bagel.

Silly Trill! Sheets are for the bed!

~Kill the toaster, kill the toaster!~

One plus two equaling three in most places.

We got gypped in the coldness factor.

That outfit was painted on by a close personal friend.

Second time tonight I've fallen in love.

Man, I have a *gorgeous* Trill!

My eyebrows get more action than I do.

Who would believe it of him? "But I'm wearing tweed..."

I take all possible opportunities to bond with my car.

The Horsechickens of the Apocalypse.

My hair does not twitch.

Bite me, Tall Girl.
Is that "Tall Girl" or "Call Girl"?
Considering the time we spend on the phone, "Call Girl".

That's why you guys want to combine Joss and chocolate; it's so you can detach bits and cover them in chocolate and bite them.

I'm sorry.
That's okay. What hit me?
My fist. That's why I'm sorry.

That was Boo Night.
No, this is Boo Weekend.

I'm a pedestrian, stop for me!

Now I'm a driver, get out of my way!

Horsechicks groping in the dark.

Oh, you have such a big penis. I am so impressed. I want to have sex with you right now, but you're too far away and you don't know.

You know, someday she's going to perfect the vertical leap and you're going to be so dead.

I actually named my potted plant George. Until it died.
Then what did you name it?

Shrimp must beware Horsechicks.

She's like, "C'mere honey. Right here on the cow."

I looked like I'd been buried and dug up and carnally ravished somewhere in between.

You have a remarkably Dru-like quality -- slightly insane, extremely stunning... and lots of hair.

We're having a Lassie moment.

That's because Giles, even at his most panicked, is generally armed.

They probably though they were making a dramatic statement.
The statement that comes to mind is 'gag me'.

Okay, who want to see Giles with a flamethrower?

We're having a moaning intermission.

Because whenever he loses track of his own moral code, he goes, "Gee, angst. That's safe."

Now that's narcissism for you. Duncan Fucking Macleod.

I obviously tried to play video ranger with this tape and I apologize to all and sundry.

You can practically see the lightbulb come on.

You're glazing, that's pretty cool.
Bite me, butterfly girl.
Butterflies don't got teeth.
What am I going to say, "Suck me?"
How about "Throw up on me and suck up the pieces."?

Should we let Fraser try to explain?
Do we get bathroom breaks?

I'm either going to kill him or torture him. You get to choose, but I find torture more fun.

You're just jealous because the wolf gets to be in Ray's bed.
Oh, shut up.

Ray sulks, and pouts, and makes high squeaky noises while doing it.

The power of Benny-babble.

You like playing around with undead things -- that's *your* thing.

You can floor dance -- it's like car dancing, but without the car.

The early Merc gets the bathroom.

Maybe the universe where Richie is alive is one where Plague is cuddly and nice -- well, nice -- and fuzzy, with bunny ears....
Damn it, Boo, slow down, I can't write that fast!

They could actually have had a reason to bring him back. Actually, they did have a reason to bring him back, they just didn't use it. An appropriately-sized Care Bear could have taken his place.

I called Klinger 'Klingon'. We changed fandoms too fast.
Oh, now I've got this image of a guy with a brow ridge and a big nose.

I just wish you'd been less clothed for that.

We're gonna get back and find the SunS list has been hijacked by Arab terrorists.
Oh, like we can't hijack it back.

This is why the Horsechicks lived and the Horsemen died. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, it was an accident... just like the other 20 times."

This is why it's called 'Highlander', not 'Ancient Beer Boy'.

He has style. He has grace. He has finesse... and a very nice ass!

Now they just think we're part of a bi convention.

My skirt isn't just riding up and down, it's twisting around.
For an old skirt, it's learning lots of new tricks.
It's a new skirt.
So it's learning new tricks. As long as it's not turning tricks, you're safe.

I'm often right.
I'm usually left, myself.

It's a modified puppy pile.
It's a puppy huddle.

A Giles with a dark chocolate Oliver side.

You can have dark chocolate Giles, and I'll have milk chocolate Giles.
I don't know whether to not go there or jump right in with both feet.

Surprise a guy: "Hi! I've had too much caffiene! How do you feel about this?"

I'm a clever spy!

I toy with my victims!

I'm still reserving the right to be afraid.

What is it with cute French guys this weekend?

Yeah, but who gets to be the queen?
Whoever looks better in drag.

What were you people thinking? Catherine. Methos. Crossovers. Fanfic *everywhere*!

Sorry, too busy puking. And lusting after his cloak pin.

Handy, and good in bed. Jeez!


He's not stupid. He's escorting them out of the country.
We applaud that.

It didn't suck in a big, big way!
Words cannot express how much it didn't suck!

We intend to explore the concept of his cuteness in great depth.

Pretty bright shiny mine!
No, mine!

This is the first time in the history of the world that all five Horsechicks have agreed on a guy.
It's the end of the world as we know it... and man, do I feel fine.
I bet he feels fine, too.

Horsechicks in love...

"You're Immortal..."
No, I'm just not stupid.

"You're Immortal..."
Oh, you should *be* so lucky! //BLAM//

Half of SunS is HeLLLions.
The other half is NatPack.
The other half is Horsechicks. We can too have three halves.

Boo not suck.

I'll fight you for him.
I think Katherine could kick both our asses.

Are you breathing yet?
I don't know. Don't ask me hard questions.

Nobody is getting my shilleigh covered with vampire gook!

Angel was trying to get his brain to full speed.
Kind of like the Titanic at full speed.

We do not like long icky things that go into our facial cavities.

You get Londo on a roll and he can convince the universe it needs new snowtires.


Th-th-that's all, folks! Bye the way, the last-minute spurt of lust was over Nick, Claudia Christian's guy on the Highlander episode 'Two of Hearts'. *drooool* Just to impress upon you how *urgent* it is that these two get the spinoff. Write Rysher!!

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