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Episode Quote Lists

"Life is strange when you're a fan - I re-watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night, and made a list of the best lines. Sort of a Buffy quote list. *g* I just felt a need to share..." -- Maureen Wynn

Season 1
Welcome to the H-mouth | The Witch | Teacher's Pet
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date | The Pack
Angel | I Robot, You Jane | The Puppet Show
Nightmares | Invisible Girl | Prophecy Girl

Season 2
When She Was Bad | Some Assembly Required
School Hard | Inca Mummy Girl | Reptile Boy
Halloween | Lie To Me | The Dark Age
What's My Line I | What's My Line II | Ted
Bad Eggs | Surprise | Innocence | Phases
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered | Passion
Killed By Death | I Only Have Eyes For You
Go Fish | Becoming I | Becoming II

Season 3
Anne | Dead Man's Party | Faith, Hope and Trick | Beauty and the Beasts | Homecoming | Band Candy
Revelations | Lover's Walk | The Wish | Amends | Gingerbread | Helpless | The Zeppo | Bad Girls
Consequences | Dopplegangland | Enemies | Earshot | Choices | The Prom | Graduation 1 | Graduation 2

Season 4
The Freshman | Living Conditions | The Harsh Light of Day | Fear, Itself | Beer Bad | Wild at Heart
The Initiative | Pangs |Something Blue | Hush | Doomed | A New Man | The I in Team | Goodbye Iowa
This Year's Girl | Who Are You? | Superstar | Where the Wild Things Are | New Moon Rising
The Yoko Factor | Primeval | Restless

Season 5
Buffy vs. Dracula | The Real Me | The Replacement | Out of My Mind | No Place Like Home | Family
Fool For Love | Shadow | Listening to Fear | Into the Woods | Triangle | Checkpoint | Blood Ties | The Crush
I Was Made to Love You | The Body | Forever | Intervention | Tough Love | Spiral | Weight of the World | The Gift

Season 6
Bargaining | After Life | Flooded | Life Serial | All the Way | Once More, With Feeling | Tabula Rasa | Smashed
Wrecked | Gone | Doublemeat Palace | Dead Things | Older and Far Away | As You Were | Hell's Bells
Normal Again | Entropy | Seeing Red | Villains | Two to Go | Grave

Season 7
Lessons | Beneath You | Same Time, Same Place | Help | Selfless | Him | Conversations with Dead People
Sleeper | Never Leave Me | Bring on the Night | Showtime | Potential | The Killer in Me | First Date
Get It Done | Storyteller | Lies My Parents Told Me | Dirty Girls | Empty Places | Touched | End of Days | Chosen

Con Reports and Member Quote Lists

SunS Quote List -- everything a SunS member ever said on list (or on the phone or in a chat room....) that they really wish we'd forget they said. Updated February 6.

Miscelleneous Quote Lists -- Too long for the big list, too short for their own, too insane not to share.

A Hummingbird in LA Quote List -- Disneyland, Burbank Farscape Con, Harry Potter and Universal Studios. The only thing scarier than a Horsechick is Anthony Simcoe on stage....

Mystical Convergence Weekend Quote List -- Half the frelling universe. In Chicago. At Faire.

MediaWest 22 Quote List -- Once again, everyone in the vicinity of Lansing, MI contributed.

Perri Visits Apocalypse West Quote List -- Chicago and L.A. SunS.

Tina & Adam's Wedding Quote List -- Every-frelling-body in the Chicago area, and a few parts beyond.

MediaWest 21 Quote List -- Every-frelling-body in the universe.

The Spike Lust Vidding Weekend Quotelist -- Chicago and Ohio SunS

Kiki's Pilgrimage to Mecca (Just Going by 'Chicago' These Days) Quote List -- Chicago and Denver SunS

Anthony Stewart Head -- StarCon -- Denver SunS

The Roomie Con Quote List -- West Coast and East Coast Roomies.

The Death Comes to L.A. Quote List -- Celli, Lizbet, Dianne at San Diego Comic Con '98.

Pirate Wench Weekend -- Chicago, Ann Arbor and Columbus SunS at Chicago Comic Con '98.

DC Becoming II Quote List -- DC SunS.

MediaWest 18 -- The Horsechicks quote list

"Skating and Slayage and Swords, Oh, My" Quote List -- Columbus and Chicago SunS.

The Celli Drives Through Chicago and Joins the Natpack Quote List -- Chicago SunS and some drop-ins.

Apocalypse '98 Quote List -- the Horsechicks.

San Diego Comic Con '97 Con Report -- West Coast roomies

Ohio Faire and Lear Trip Quote List -- Chicago/Ohio/Ann Arbor SunS.

American Cancer Society: Take a Chance on the Stars -- Con report (Lizbet and Val) and quote list

'What's My Line' Part 2 Party Quote Lists -- Chicago/Denver/Los Angeles/Virginia SunS

DC Buffython Quote List -- DC SunS *duh!*

LA Comic Con Con Report -- Lizbet

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