The Celli Drives Through Chicago
and Joins the Natpack Quote List

SunS Perpetrators: Beth, Amy, Celli, Tina, Perri, Lizbet

Mary Sue for men. Kind of like the Hair Club for men, but with Mary Sues.

Where's a pen? Where's something paper?

I know where to hurt you.
Do you think I don't have the physiology?
I think you both need more chocolate.

Bill Gates playing his wife would *frighten* me.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!
That *is* the proper response.

The Knighties of old were better than the Knighties now.
Is that like the Knighties of new, or is that too much like the Knights That Say Nee?

I know how to do it with a spoon. I know how to do it with not a spoon.

Gary Cole. Who, now that I'm older, I just want to fuck.

If you sneeze and it's funny, we quote it.

See, I wouldn't have gotten that far. I would have been like, "I'll follow your butt."

Now, see, my biggest problem with Prince of Thingies is...

It's a shame Jason Connery didn't inherit his father's acting talent.
He got his father's acting talent from the 60s.
[And his father's hands. *Not* a fortunate thing.]

You're related to too many NatPackers. Give up now, or we'll bounce you into submission.

Something very odd...with antlers?

I should know better than to eat spaghetti around Amy.

Release the homicidal rage upon the others.
I don't want to know...

We can pick up Kiki in that Colorado place.

We're not bad, we're just biased. They start with the same letter.

Every time I think I'm really into TV, I talk to you.
And we remind you of how obsessive you'll be in two or three years.

We figure if you walk in and it doesn't look like a bathroom, you're smart enough to walk back out.
Or there's a litter box.

I just can't wait to get everyone to fucking MediaWest.

Bardolph--who is for real and there are pictures of him in there.

*odd glottal sounds*
Again, spell that.
We could quote it; then we'd have to spell it.
There were no vowels in that, just stops.
Also, no consonants.

The voice slut factor alone is off the scale.

She's gonna KILL me!
Yeah. It'll be fun!
It isn't your death.

Die, Tina. I love you dearly, but die.
I don't know, I like my hair color this way.

Why do we always push death at those we love?

What is this? A fucking democracy? Well, actually it is a fucking democracy, considering our topics.

It's not massage oil if it's on my shirt.

Obviously, Angel naked, I read it three times immediately.

That's their real names. I don't know their real names.

Forgive me for messing up my Bristol wives. Is that anything like the Stepford Wives?

I didn't think Teri Hatcher because Pierce Brosnan shorts out my brain.

Now, who's she?

Of course, with this group it's a thing.

Bi? Bias?

Meet Perri, the human waffle.

Julian did some serious tweaking.
Which, if you think about it, is how he got us all into this mess in the first place?

Sounds like something you'd say when you'd drunk vodka and were watching The X-Files.

Not that this qualifies as anything, but I'm allergic to the state of Oklahoma.

Oh my God, I'm a NatPacker!

You can't quote that, it's not English.
No, but you can quote this.

I didn't know him...he was from Bangladesh...and that's where I realized I was a NatPacker.

It's very comforting to be in a group mind. It's a good support system where everyone shares your thoughts.

If I'd known this is all I had to do to be a NatPacker, I would have joined sooner.

Okay, chewing on the plate's not going to get me anywhere.

Quote this: Ptthlbt.

Weren't we just having this discussion? Well, three hours ago.

Dick van Dyke's son, who can't act his way out of a paper bag...or out from under wet Kleenex.

And I'm like, "I could do that." If I were somebody else.

I swear, Mounties wear "Shoot me now" uniforms.
Yeah, right next to the "Fuck me now" signs.

It's like, "He's your brother, it's okay!"
Unless you're from Georgia.
Okay, where's my fucking paper?
I don't think your paper's been that active lately. Unless it's in the bedroom.

I heard NatPackers have extra storage space in their brains for quotes.

I don't know the production company...that makes it better.

Kiki, letting her mind off the leash so it can be up to no good.

I don't think I can do an objective report on my own death.

Just because I have no self-preservational instincts doesn't mean I can't kick butt.

That's okay. We like you no matter what animal-fink you are.
Somehow, that does not comfort me.

I have to try even the most pathetic lines.

Don't you think we'll have a nice quote list for Celli's funeral?

I'm gonna have a great time passing through, getting murdered, and leaving.

Come on, join the vidding circle.
I'm already a NatPacker. I don't need to descend further into suicide.

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