MediaWest 18 -- Horsechicks Quote List

Here's what the DC SunS (Dianne, MB, Beth, Gina, Nancy) had to say to embarass themselves during the Becoming 2 gathering.

"I want to torture you"
"Y'know, when he says that, it doesn't sound like such a bad thing..." --Angel and Beth

"Bop & mewl, bop & mewl" -- Mary Beth on the theme song during an angst filled ep.

"Someone turn my brain off, please!" -- Gina

"You say anything nasty Xander and I'll slap you."
"Okay, but all you'll do is hurt your hand on the TV screen." -- Gina and Beth

"Grow up, don't grow up, jump in the lake. I don't care." -- Dianne after yet another Dawson's promo

"I don't want to turn off my brain. I just want to turn off my mouth." -- Dianne

"This is me. Not breathing." -- Mary Beth

"He's the evil demon monster. Stop drooling." -- Dianne

"I'm going to get on the PB and tell that man what I think of him!"
"Forget the PB! I'm getting on a plane!" -- Mary Beth and Gina on their first plans for Joss

"My bra's falling apart I'm so upset." -- Gina

"I think the mayor is someone we've already met."
"Brian Thompson!!" -- Gina and Mary Beth

"The mayor is Marcie Ross. That's why we never see the mayor." -- Mary Beth

"And they use Sarah McLachlan at the worst best most wonderful awful time!" -- Dianne on the phone with Kiki, reporting on the pain factor.

"It's gotta suck to be stuck in hell in leather pants." -- Beth

"I'm gonna go home and cry. And then maybe I'll imagine I'm ironing Joss's face." -- Gina

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