DC Buffython Quote List

SunS Perpetrators: Leslie, Valerie, Beth, Celli, Mary Beth, Dianne, Sheryl
Non-SunS Perpetrators: Ruth, Jean

Contrary to what Lizbet thinks, I'm not millimeters from the screen. I like to enjoy what I see. You only get pixels that way.
But what pixels! Did I really just say that?

I was gonna see if I remembered enough waitressness to manage them.

I was in jail in Chamberlain, which is not someplace you want to be in jail, for four hours.
Is there a place you do want to be in jail?
Not Chamberlain.

It doesn't look bad, but I prefer him without.

I'm very fond of it. It's one of my great vices.

You just want to say he slept in your bed. You just want to smell him on your sheets for the rest of your natural life.
Do undead people smell?

Somehow I went from there to oral sex, and from there to vampires having oral sex. You know, technical questions.
Ow. And I say thee again, ow.

Over the bridge and through the underpass, to Grandmother's house we don't go?

Buffy's a family show!
The family that slays together stays together?

Okay, so that makes her his dam. In dog breeding, anyway...

Can we say plastic surgeon?
Can you see Cordelia in medical school?
Sure. She's cold and unfeeling.

Buffy is not Buffy without peppermint patties.

Women everywhere want to be Mr. Gordo.

What box did he check? "Likes handcuffs"?

Spike and Cordy scene.
Ooh, Celli, can I just say I'm not gonna go there?
I've already gone there, and I think Cordelia's dead.

He's a good kisser in my dreams. I'm an idiot, but he's a good kisser.

Can I help it if I'm irresistible when I'm not awake?

When two dark-suited men take you by the elbows, the correct response is to yell "These are not my fathers!"

Gee, Xander, you have a bright career in advertising.

Or the whole blade.
Do you suppose that was the inside or the outside edge?

It's more fun to kill the wary.
Certainly more challenging.

Pretty spry, isn't she, Angel?
Hey! That is reserved for Buffy!
Bad Sheila. Bad.

I'd like to see the Spice Girls get killed on Buffy.

Here we come a-wassailing among the vamps so mean, here we come a-Slaying, a terror to be seen...

As a Merc, I have to admire her arsenal.
As a Slayer born in the wrong reality, I have to agree.

It's a new full moon because it's not the old full moon from last month.

Boy, he looks good in chains.

Notice the Order of Taraka mug book.

Now, see, these mixed relationships work so much better when the mortal can wipe the floor with the vampire.

The moon's doing something, okay?

What's better than a naked Angel? Being tied to a naked Angel.

It's a protective organ.

I like that "Angel, no shirt" as a blanket explanation.

Anything to a NatPacker is a challenge.
Getting dressed to a NatPacker is a challenge.

Slay him.
Slay him for the stupid man he is.

She just has such luck. Mom's looks, Dad's talent.
And him to lick. What more could you want out of life?

I'm with him.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we know you want to collar Angel.

What did she do to the mob?
I think she probably made them a rather smaller mob.
It's what she did to *cause* the mob.

Spike the Slayer Killer? It could be a spinoff. We could bring Kendra back for one episode.

PCP would not mess up their faces!
Unless *you* were taking it!

Leslie, when did you get your own peppermint patty dispenser? I mean, a whole dispenser?

Isn't she wearing Kendra's pants?
I think you're right.
A vampire from the land of Not Here!

That's blue goo.
It's Raspberry Jell-O Girl.

I'm gonna do a T-shirt of just Xanderisms.

I wanna be Pat Tallman when I grow up.
I don't want her bruises.

She's on top, and he's the one taking advantage.

When the guest thinks faster than the host.

If you don't know them really well, they look exactly alike.
That happens with twins.

The first time I met them both I kept praying they wouldn't switch glasses.

This is like a major eyebrow show. Between David and Alyson, it's like their eyebrows should be paid separately.

Maybe I should sew a bell to her neck.
Gee, do you think that would work on Angel?

In D.C., the only people who talk to you are homeless and crazy.
Really? I talk to people all the time.
So are you homeless or crazy?

He must have had a deal with the...hi! Sorry. I had a moment there.

And this is not a standing around talking scene! This is a climbing on furniture, running around screaming about yellow birds, jumping on the floor and spinning scene!

What are we looking for?
We're looking for David. 'Nuff said.

Yep. It's Headband Guy.

Looking human is *so* overrated.

Pink commercials scare me.

Cordy, love the cleavage. It just screams street*walker*.

Can I have him when you're done, Buffy?
She's gonna hit him till he bleeds, and you're gonna hit him till he stops bleeding.

Giles does *not* snivel.
Well, sometimes he can.
He whines. He doesn't snivel.

It's actually fun to fight in something like that. People don't expect it. So it's like, "Hi! I'm wearing forty pounds of garb! *WHAP*!"

I can talk like a grownup. I just don't want to.

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