The Death Comes to LA Quote List

SunS Perpetrators: Celli, Dianne, Lizbet, assorted people on the phone

She's laughing her ass off.
Not in *my* car -- I don't want to clean it up.

It looks like you're doing fine without sucking up.

The dancing warthog is starting to *strip*!

Look! It's the Irvine phallic symbol!

If I'm an Angelina and I'm also Death, does that make me the Angel of Death?

I see no problem with Ray's driving. I drive like that and I've yet to kill anybody.

There is lint between my *toes* with more developed driving skills than you.

It's the Writ of HorseChicks.

If I took a vow of silence, do you think it would do any good?
No. Next stupid question?

My brain is changing gears without a clutch.

Boo's lips go where no one's lips have gone before.

We're making wild Centauri love here.

That's the wall. Don't unplug the wall!

Watch me not play the harmonica while sounds come out of it anyway.

Hopefully the one who brung you is not a stripping warthog.

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